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About Us

Dedication of this Site ….

This site is for the ‘good of all’ and is dedicated to the influence that one very good man had on my life – my Father – Thomas Frederick Monroe Evans – better known as Fred. He was more than just a Father – he was a real Dad !! He passed away in 2003 and is missed by all who knew him. “Thank you Fred Evans for being who you were.”

Phil Evans & People Stuff

People Stuff was born around the beginning of 2001 in Newcastle Australia. The founder of People Stuff – Phil Evans – is a man who is very conscious of the need in our current society for the empowerment of people.

People have been disempowered through the handing down of negative belief systems and fears over the past few generations. This is a global situation – not just confined to small societies – or minority groups.

Through his own personal life experiences in dealing with emotional immaturity, depression, alcoholism, violence, and a variety of overwhelming fears – Phil has a passion to teach as many people globally as he possibly can – and now has the ideal medium to do so …. the internet.

Courses and Workshops

Phil conducts Personal Development and Personal Empowerment courses that usually run for 8-12 weeks, and these are currently run in Newcastle only – but he has a dream to spread these worldwide within two years. The courses are known as Creating the New You! (Learn the Art of Being You!).

Half-day, 1-day and 2-day workshops for people who are already on the path of self development, but would like to hone their skills and deepen their understanding, are proposed for the near future …. more information by going to ‘Courses’ button.

He also runs Staff Development and Team Building Workshops aimed at improving relationships through greater understanding in work groups, and the promoting of fun in the workplace.

One of the primary methods that Phil uses, is to get people in touch with the sub-conscious feelings behind our fears and belief systems, which then allows us to deal with them properly. It is his belief that defining the culprit is around 90% of us having the ability to overcome it. We must be persistent, patient, and deliberate in our efforts to overcome anything that is controlling our lives, or having a negative effect on our day-to-day levels of peace of mind.

Facing our Fears

We must challenge our fears and doubts head-on – if we are to have success in overcoming their negative influence on our lives.

This website is about one person making a positive difference …. which will in turn, teach others to do the same !!