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Gratitude: ‘Being Aware’ makes all the difference …

Every time I go for a walk; absolutely every time; I hear and see so many reasons to feel grateful for so many aspects of my life!

Apart from being aware of nature and its incredible effect on me because I am so aware of what’s around me; my butt gets kicked every day by seeing people who are struggling to even walk, or breath, or see, or hear …. and here’s me able to do all of those things!

This morning, a friend walked past me, but didn’t know it was me ’cause she’d just had a massive tumour removed from her forehead and eye-socket; and can’t see properly; and has to go back into another hospital this week to have her entire eye removed; as the cancer has spread right through her head and brain.

Other than caring for what I’d just been told, my first thought was, “How lucky am I” ?

I’m hoping that life is being good to you …

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