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Regardless of your role or position in life, are you really comfortable with where you’re at? Are you being true to yourself and getting what you want out of life? Feeling stuck? In a rut? Time for change? If you’d like some help … contact US now!

Life Coaching with a Difference!

Spiritual and Emotional Healing and Freedom
Personal Development that meets your needs!

Coaching & Counselling for Real People!
“Helping People to Help Themselves”
Dynamic Inspirational Writer and Speaker

Coach PhilEvans says that Coaching and Caring CAN go together!
PeopleStuff is focused on your needs!

Inspiration; Personal Development; Empowerment

Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals to make choices; and to transform those choices into desired actions.

30 Yrs of Real-Life Experience!

Helping clients create Sustainable Positive Change!

A Variety of Coaching Programs

Designed around YOUR needs
(Including Personal Online Coaching to all countries: using skype and webcams)

Relationship Coaching

Improving Family and Business Dynamics
Optimizing Work/Life Balance
Helping people to help themselves!
Coaching where everything is possible!
Coaching = Inspiration & Empowerment!
Had enough of where you’re at?
Feeling stuck, or just roaming through life aimlessly?
You CAN get to where you want to be!

My personal passion is to help others, with a special focus on people who have been suddenly challenged in their lives, and just can’t quite get back on the horse!

There could be addictions or other major issues involved, leading to self-esteem being battered; and massive loss of confidence!

Marriages and other personal relationships may be suffering; but they still don’t know where to turn? If that describes your current situation, then you’ve just arrived at the right place. One important thing to be aware of is this: A large percentage of people are feeling this way! They often won’t admit it; nor do they know where to seek help!
Or … how to ask if and when they do start looking!

Do yourself a favor; right now; and contact me for a confidential chat which will cost you nothing; but could change your life. I have a very diverse personal and business background, and a great resource network to call upon to help you if the need arises during our coaching period.

PLUS: All of my clients receive personal support for life.

Coach at Call

Mobile Counselling and Life Coaching Services
Yes! You make the call (phone, skype, or email) and I’ll come to you …

In the privacy of your own home or office! (in person or on skype)
Or we can sit by the lake or beach if you’re a ‘local’: that’s your call.

Contact details:
Go to Contact Us page; or
Skype: peoplestuff777

What exactly is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a structured (and intuitive) approach to helping clients close the gap between where they are now; & where they want to be!

It’s about working closely with people who want to get unstuck, and begin to live up to their full potential!

As a Professional Life Coach, a large part of my role is to challenge my clients in such a way that they can begin to focus on new ways of creating the quality and type of transformation they are seeking.

Clients achieve the outcomes they are looking for faster, and many coaching clients speak about achieving great levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships, and a far more focused approach to their lives and their businesses. (see Testimonials in Main Menu)

What could Life Coaching do for you?

  • Gain focused clarity around having goals and sticking to them
  • Help you to challenge procrastination
  • To face your fears and self doubts
  • Get focused on what is really important in your life and business
  • Confidence about yourself and a heightened sense of well-being
  • The ability to communicate more effectively
  • The ability to turn challenges into success stories

People Stuff is all about:

Personal Development

By Promoting Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well being. Personal Development is a path to individual growth.

Business Dynamics

By Promoting the importance of treating EVERYONE (Staff and Clients) like GOLD

Success and Well Being

By helping you to find success so that you can achieve your goals and dreams and in doing so, improve your well being.

Personal Empowerment

By finding paths to Empowerment and delivering a Constant Challenge. For example ….

“Come to the edge”
“It’s too high”
“Come to the edge”
“I might fall”
“Come to the edge” ….

And you came. And I pushed you. And you flew!

Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals to make choices; and to transform those choices into desired actions.