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He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. - Arabian Proverb

Testimonial - Anonymous's Testimonial

A "Thank You" note to Phil Evans

One year ago I was subject to my own emotions and let them completely dictate how I acted. I was stuck inside my own head and could hardly communicate effectively with anyone; friends, family, didn't matter. I had a lot of anxiety when it came to letting out anything real, and it all bottled up inside of me, and no one would see it until it all inevitably exploded. I had become content with my own mediocrity and had convinced myself of the holiness of my own slow demise both mentally and physically. I used whatever I could to escape from my own internal suffering and began to suffer the consequences for it. I mean, I'll cut the tautology here; but suffice to say I was quite depressed.

My parents had known of my struggles my whole life but had never been quite sure how to handle it. Once I reached the peak of my adolescence I started to break down in a major way and so my mum decided to find someone to help, because she didn't feel like she could do much more. 

My first meeting with Phil was a tearful one, not that I reached any major breakthrough so quickly. I was stubborn and slow throughout the whole process but Phil was forever persistent. Phil gave me someone to talk to, someone I knew I could trust, and someone who I felt like had an understanding of what I was experiencing, because he does. Phil is a man who has been to hell and back, and brought with him some life experiences, which have been great value to me.

Since my meetings with Phil I have picked up guitar, lost quite a bit of weight (30kgs) and finally gotten proper employment. Mental struggles never go away, but with Phil's help I have learnt how to navigate my own thoughts and work with myself and the people around me to achieve a sense of accomplishment and well-being I have only ever been able to accomplish through substance abuse. 

Phil has left me in the greatest point in my life ever (so far) and I know that if I ever fall again he'll be there to push me through.

Grateful me - while choosing to remain anonymous

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Thank you so much Phil, you have changed every facet of my life, thinking and being! I took the course “The Art of Being You” by Phil Evans, and I have to say that over the time of the course, things really shifted in my life “BIG TIME”. You see at the beginning of the course, Phil has you write down where you are at, and also where you want to be by the course end. I observed first hand, how powerfully others changed during and after the course finished, because this is a course that stretches your thoughts for the better for life. And as may or may not kn..

Adam Price
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Dear Phil, Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your “Personal Empowerment Workshop”. For someone who has never really understood or explored my own mind and feelings, I found your workshop an extremely positive and enlightening experience for both my personal and professional well being. I truly believe the course has opened my mind and my emotions and would not hesitate in recommending and endorsing your course. Yours sincerely Andrew Howard National Manager..

Andrew Howard
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I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Evans (I should say Phil has been working with me) over the last year as a result of a recommendation, initially to my wife, Jodie. I have to admit I was a reluctant starter in the beginning because I know there are a few shonks that like to claim they can solve everyone's problems, ask for the money, receive it then do a runner; but I am pleased to say that Phil does not fall into this category. Jodie, however was keen from the start as our relationship was suffering as a result of a few personal issues, some current, some old, and some that w..

Andrew Scotton
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Have you ever watched an Olympic gymnast do her routine on the un-even bars? When the routine is very difficult, you’ll often see her coach, right there beside her in case she needs support. He’s literally got her back. He’s there for her and she knows it. This level of comfort and unquestioned support is the best way I can describe the support, respect, and love I received from Coach Phil Evans. Through out our coaching relationship, he has been very willing to work with me regarding our 14-hour time difference. He’s used just the right amount of listening and tal..

Anne Rockwell Blakely
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Dear Phil Here's a Personal Testimony for you to share with anyone who may benefit. From the age of fourteen I had labels placed upon me by mental health professionals; been medicated; and had regular appointments with psychologists. Counseling might have lifted my spirits for a short time after each session, but there was a constant need to return and go through the process of sitting down (again) and blurting out everything that was going on in my life (still). During those six years I had eight admissions to psychiatric hospitals that tried to band-aid an illness, Bipolar Disorder, t..

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