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Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. - Anonymous

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson's Testimonial

So close ... so very close ...

What is it that you would give, to repay a person who quite literally came from nowhere, to pick you up, and prevent your life from ending?

I have had many years to ponder this question, and even now I am not sure that I can answer it.  

Let me explain ....

My life was in tatters, the level of exhaustion and frustration was such that I was unable to think clearly, and all I wanted was to end my life, as I truly felt I could not find any reason to keep going.

In an exchange of e-mails with a friend in Canada, I had let it slip that I was reaching the point of no reason to go on.

The work I was doing was draining me, all I wanted to do was finish the file I was working on, and then slip into an endless sleep –I did have the ability to take my own life, and to be honest, death has never held any fear for me.

Then a phone call came, the voice was unknown to me, however the support and the comfort and the strength within the voice, filled me with a courage I had not known before.

The call was from Phil Evans, my friend in Canada had sent him an urgent e-mail to contact me, Phil had no idea as to who I was, or anything other than there was concern of self-harm.

I was sitting there, within minutes of actually taking a bottle of sleeping tablets, with a bottle of whiskey.  So close ... so very close ...

To be truthful, I have no idea as to how long Phil and I spoke that afternoon, or even what we spoke about.   I just know that at the end of the conversation I wasn’t alone anymore, more importantly I had Phil Evans in my corner to support me regardless of what the world was throwing at me.

My work within the workers compensation industry as a community advocate was stressful, and it did attract a lot of negative bias towards me as a person.

Phil took me through the process of understanding just why the negatives were coming, so that I could see that I was actually a lot stronger than I believed I was.

My life took an almost immediate turn for the better.

The work is still endless and still exhausting; however I have learnt to pace myself so I actually get more done without the stress impacting on me as it once did.

In the last few years I have been nominated for many community awards, I have a Pride of Australia Medal, I have been named Australia Day Awards for my community work, I am on the South Australian Woman’s Honour Roll, and now I have been named as Advantage SA Community Leader 2011 for my work within the workers compensation industry.

To think I came so very close to ending my life to now being recognised as a leader in my industry even to me is amazing!

I will never be able to repay the debt of gratitude that I owe to Phil Evans, even after all the years that have slipped past; Phil is still my pillar of strength, my guidance and my friend.

It is my honour and my pleasure to write these words for Phil in the belief that how Phil helped and guided me, he can also do for you, or for a friend of yours who you feel needs some help.

Yours in service

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Founder: Work Injured Resource Connection inc
Adelaide South Australia

Advantage SA Community Leader 2011


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Dear Phil, Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your “Personal Empowerment Workshop”. For someone who has never really understood or explored my own mind and feelings, I found your workshop an extremely positive and enlightening experience for both my personal and professional well being. I truly believe the course has opened my mind and my emotions and would not hesitate in recommending and endorsing your course. Yours sincerely Andrew Howard National Manager..

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I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Evans (I should say Phil has been working with me) over the last year as a result of a recommendation, initially to my wife, Jodie. I have to admit I was a reluctant starter in the beginning because I know there are a few shonks that like to claim they can solve everyone's problems, ask for the money, receive it then do a runner; but I am pleased to say that Phil does not fall into this category. Jodie, however was keen from the start as our relationship was suffering as a result of a few personal issues, some current, some old, and some that w..

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Have you ever watched an Olympic gymnast do her routine on the un-even bars? When the routine is very difficult, you’ll often see her coach, right there beside her in case she needs support. He’s literally got her back. He’s there for her and she knows it. This level of comfort and unquestioned support is the best way I can describe the support, respect, and love I received from Coach Phil Evans. Through out our coaching relationship, he has been very willing to work with me regarding our 14-hour time difference. He’s used just the right amount of listening and tal..

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Dear Phil Here's a Personal Testimony for you to share with anyone who may benefit. From the age of fourteen I had labels placed upon me by mental health professionals; been medicated; and had regular appointments with psychologists. Counseling might have lifted my spirits for a short time after each session, but there was a constant need to return and go through the process of sitting down (again) and blurting out everything that was going on in my life (still). During those six years I had eight admissions to psychiatric hospitals that tried to band-aid an illness, Bipolar Disorder, t..

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