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Enthusiasm Leads to Great Results!

Phil Evans

Enthusiasm ... we can see it; feel it; and sometimes even taste it in the air; when someone else is has it!  But what about when we want it; miss it; desire to have it; ... desperately need it?  
What is it; where is it; how do we find it when we need it?
It is attitude ... pure energy; and it is an inner thing that some of us can tap into all the time; but others have to work hard to even slightly experience it!
Without it - life's challenges become almost impossible!
Without it - great things are simply out of reach - not achievable!
Without it - it is far too easy to continually think and feel - "what's the point"?
It is an inner feeling that is driven by the desire to achieve; and is usually one of those things that we've been taught to do from childhood; of course we can do it!
Those of us who struggle with it have also been taught from childhood to not get too excited about anything; 'cause it probably won't happen; so don't get your hopes up.  
Sound or feel familiar?
Then it's time to challenge that inner voice that tells you to not get excited; and summon your courage to lift your expectations and show the enthusiasm anyway!
Because ... nothing great was ever achieved without it! 

Become The Change ...

Phil Evans

Yes, this can be one of our biggest personal challenges folks!  
Most of us wish to see positive and peaceful change in our lives; and in the world in general; and like everything else in life .... it all begins within!
I remember being told about 15 years ago that the world is a reflection of my inner self; how I feel, and what I see around me every day, is simply a mirror image of me.
Hmmmmm .... at the time I completely resisted that possibility!
No way could I feel that bad about myself; or within myself; because what I saw ever day was horrid!  Absolutely horrible!
This couldn't be a reflection of my inner self .... I thought.  It took me about another 18 months to actually 'get it' - and begin to accept that I could begin to work on those aspects that were reflecting life back at me so brutally.
The best example of this principle of life is this: If you're in a bad mood while driving; what sort of experience do you have?  If you're in a bad mood while looking for a parking space (anywhere) what happens?  Yes - you'll experience every mongrel who ever drove a motor vehicle in a bad way .... all round you!  You'll get every red light!  And yes - you'll keep just missing car parking spaces until it drives you to park illegally - and then you'll get a parking ticket!  This NOT a maybe; it is guaranteed!  Every time!
So - take note and be that magic change you wish to see in others - and in the world itself.
It all begins within ....

A Journey of a Thousand Miles ....

Phil Evans

Even though it sounds like hype; and just another one of those 'sayings'; this amazing Chinese wisdom is so true!  If we take a look at most of our challenges - they will seem extremely daunting; unless we break them down to bite-sized chunks!  Little pieces of life; that we need to address just one step at a time; one bite at a time!
How do you eat an elephant?  One small bite at a time!
If we get confronted by a major challenge in life, and it simply looks or feels too darn big or overwhelming, then we will usually complete resist it - or totally avoid it!
However, if we can see it in small achievable chunks, then we will usually have a go at trying to do what we need to do, to get a positive outcome!  Yes, we will at least have an attempt, regardless of how big the 
challenge (and the time-frame) actually are!
In short, you CAN do it; so have a go; the worst thing that can happen is that you will learn another lesson in life!  And let's face it - life is about people ... and lessons; so go for it!

Believe in Yourself

Phil Evans


One of our biggest challenges in life is to believe in SELF!

To believe that we can do whatever we set out to do; and do it well.

So many of us have listened to our critics along the way; and learnt to believe that we are not worthy – nor are we capable! It is time to smash that belief if you are carrying it around with you; smash it - or simply put it down and walk away, leaving it to wallow in its own despair without you to feed it any longer.

Powerful stuff to actually realise this – and then let go of it.


Phil Evans

Over the next few days I'll be sending out a special email with the intention of offering specialised Coaching which will be focused on the Christmas Season, and preparation for making 2012 your best year ever!  So, if that sounds like a good idea, please watch this space ...

Speaking of 2012 being almost here; so many people are feeling time poor; too much to do ...
This could help ...

Overwhelmed .... ???

Do you have so much to do that it seems overwhelming?
Then stop thinking about how much there is, and start getting it done; one small bit at a time.
Feeling overwhelmed is merely a state of mind that you choose.
And just as easily as you can choose it, you can choose to let it go.
A new day, new month, new year dawns: and it can make you feel like time is quickly slipping away.

But in fact, time comes to you just as quickly as it moves past.
And that means that each moment you get the opportunity to make a difference.
Each moment, the best thing you can do is to make full and meaningful use of that moment.
That is how you get things done.
Moment by moment, little by little, small tasks build into great accomplishments.

And those accomplishments then convert into a life with real fulfilment.
You don't have to tackle everything all at once.
Just do what you can, when you can, filling each moment with positive purpose and action.
And what once seemed overwhelming will quickly become a source of real and lasting fulfilment.
Remember this: Q: How do you eat an elephant?  A: One small bite at a time!

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