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Dare to Explore; Dream; Discover ...

Phil Evans

Exploring means taking risks!
Dreaming means to get outside all of the boundaries that you've been taught about 'being safe'; and daring to think outside the square!
Discovering is when you combine exploring with dreaming; and actually find that elusive destination that everyone else thought was out of reach!
So dare to take those necessary risks; and find the winds that will take you to where you want to be!
Throw away hesitation and procrastination; just do it; you'll be glad that you did!

Having a Child-like Spirit

Phil Evans

Even though there may be days when you feel that facing the day with the spirit of a child is impossible; it is one of those challenges that when faced head-on - will reap you rewards beyond your wildest dreams!
Yes ... displaying that spirit of eagerness and adventure and certainty - will allow you to conquer the day; and allow you to create absolute miracles in what you achieve!
Allow yourself to play; to take risks; to abandon any fears and doubts; and your greatest thrill will be when you learn that you can develop a 'habit' of rising in the morning and facing each day with a child-like spirit!
It just takes time, practise, and lots of courage and determination, to get to that point!
Have faith in your ability to achieve this worthwhile goal; and remember to feel grateful for the rewards that will come your way.

Become The Change ...

Phil Evans

Yes, this can be one of our biggest personal challenges folks!  
Most of us wish to see positive and peaceful change in our lives; and in the world in general; and like everything else in life .... it all begins within!
I remember being told about 15 years ago that the world is a reflection of my inner self; how I feel, and what I see around me every day, is simply a mirror image of me.
Hmmmmm .... at the time I completely resisted that possibility!
No way could I feel that bad about myself; or within myself; because what I saw ever day was horrid!  Absolutely horrible!
This couldn't be a reflection of my inner self .... I thought.  It took me about another 18 months to actually 'get it' - and begin to accept that I could begin to work on those aspects that were reflecting life back at me so brutally.
The best example of this principle of life is this: If you're in a bad mood while driving; what sort of experience do you have?  If you're in a bad mood while looking for a parking space (anywhere) what happens?  Yes - you'll experience every mongrel who ever drove a motor vehicle in a bad way .... all round you!  You'll get every red light!  And yes - you'll keep just missing car parking spaces until it drives you to park illegally - and then you'll get a parking ticket!  This NOT a maybe; it is guaranteed!  Every time!
So - take note and be that magic change you wish to see in others - and in the world itself.
It all begins within ....

A Journey of a Thousand Miles ....

Phil Evans

Even though it sounds like hype; and just another one of those 'sayings'; this amazing Chinese wisdom is so true!  If we take a look at most of our challenges - they will seem extremely daunting; unless we break them down to bite-sized chunks!  Little pieces of life; that we need to address just one step at a time; one bite at a time!
How do you eat an elephant?  One small bite at a time!
If we get confronted by a major challenge in life, and it simply looks or feels too darn big or overwhelming, then we will usually complete resist it - or totally avoid it!
However, if we can see it in small achievable chunks, then we will usually have a go at trying to do what we need to do, to get a positive outcome!  Yes, we will at least have an attempt, regardless of how big the 
challenge (and the time-frame) actually are!
In short, you CAN do it; so have a go; the worst thing that can happen is that you will learn another lesson in life!  And let's face it - life is about people ... and lessons; so go for it!

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