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Sometimes, the Answers Can be Simple

Phil Evans
The response to my Coaching Offer has been very pleasing; and to all those who have responded, I will reply to you within the next 24hrs.

I am guessing that there are still a handful of people, who for their own reasons, want to respond, but haven't yet.  C'mon, don't let pride or procrastination get in the way ... this is perfect for you ... and you'll feel so good if you 'quietly' share that information with me.  Now ... perhaps ...

Sometimes, the Answers CAN be So Simple

Over the past year or so I've been getting to know one of my neighbours and his son.

The father - 65, and his son - 32.  They both suffered a great loss nearly two years ago when they lost wife and mother to Motor Neurone Disease.  They've battled with all of the usual roller-coaster ride of emotional turmoil; and have often been drowning in the depths of their individual, and combined grief.

The message today is NOT about the grief and loss, or the heartache and uncertainty experienced by these two men; but it IS about how a neighbour turned into a friend, by reaching out to them and offering them unconditional support,  via a variety of very simple things.

A couple of days ago I posted these words in facebook: "If you want to feel happy, do something for yourself. If you want to feel fulfilled, do something for someone else".

Oh so true!  For quite a while now I've been inviting the Dad to come walking with me; and getting a "no thanks mate" response, until the other day.  He accepted, reluctantly at first, but he still came along for a walk by the beautiful channel which runs past the front of his house.

Persistence does pay off!  And so can simplicity!

We've been for 5 or 6 walks now, and the instant change in how he feels because of that, is a delight to witness.  Pure magic actually!

In the last week he has joined the same gym as me; the same recreation club; changed his whole attitude; and started talking about huge changes to his general lifestyle.  Yes, something as simple as going for a walk, can change someone's life completely, and possibly forever!

So, I get to feel happy 'cos I'm going for my regular walks; and now have the added fulfillment of helping someone else as they walk with me!

In the middle of me writing this story Sue asked me about one of the bathroom wall fittings being loose, and could I please fix it at some stage.  I went and did my best to re-tighten the tiny little screw that held this fitting together; but that didn't work, so I asked one of my neighbours to help me out.

Not a problem he says, and came over straight away.  
He sat on the floor next to the fitting and turned his screwdriver one quarter of a turn, and the fitting was now completely fixed and re-tightened!  Yep, I was only one quarter of a turn away from doing it myself!  If only ... smiling ...

Was I embarassed?  No way .... I got a good laugh out of it actually; but it was another example of 'sometimes, the answers can be simple', and often much more simple and easy than we think!

Stay well and I'll be back soon ...

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