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Courage Doesn't Always Roar!

Phil Evans

That is so right ... courage is not about obvious signs of visibly roaring out loud; courage is usually hidden and quite deep within ourselves!  Others are aware of it; they just know that we have it; we don't have to 'put it on display' ... it is a knowing that people have about us!
It is often the hardest bit of ourselves to be aware of, and acknowledge to ourselves!
Not unlike any personal change that we go through; we are often the last to see it, or even know that we've achieved it!
Everyone else knows; and sees it; but we are often unaware of our own achievements at personal development levels.
Best example: we get a new puppy; we are with the puppy every day; someone who we haven't seen for 3 months shows up and comments on the puppy .... "wow - hasn't Snoopy grown since we saw him last"!
We haven't really noticed the growth; not really ... it's just happening.
Courage, and our own personal growth, are often similar; we are often the last ones to see and feel it.

Be more aware; praise and acknowledge 'self'; reward yourself for your various levels of achievement.  And, stay aware of your own courage; which may not be roaring to the world as an obvious part of who you are; but it is an essential part of your character!

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