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When you take a risk and step out of the norm, you run the risk and sometimes you fail. But you only fail if you give up. - J Peterman

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To anyone seeking Empowerment or Guidance

I contacted Phil Evans because i felt i was at a pivotal period in my life and needed a bit of guidance.  I was also very curious to try the whole life coaching process for myself.  I liked Phil straight away.  He is extremely easy to talk to, and has definitely had plenty of life experiences; which was one of the main reasons i engaged the relationship; because he has "been there and done that".  While learning many valuable life lessons along the way!  What is also obvious is Phil's passion to help people achieve their potential; he truly loves helping people!   Phil was full of little gems of wisdom, which on many occasions made me see a situation in my life completely differently, and approach it in a different way!  I feel i have a greater enjoyment and appreciation of life at the moment; and couldn't be more optimistic for the future. 

Thank you Phil Evans
Simon Dos Santos

A "Thank You" note to Phil Evans

One year ago I was subject to my own emotions and let them completely dictate how I acted. I was stuck inside my own head and could hardly communicate effectively with anyone; friends, family, didn't matter. I had a lot of anxiety when it came to letting out anything real, and it all bottled up inside of me, and no one would see it until it all inevitably exploded. I had become content with my own mediocrity and had convinced myself of the holiness of my own slow demise both mentally and physically. I used whatever I could to escape from my own internal suffering and began to suffer the consequences for it. I mean, I'll cut the tautology here; but suffice to say I was quite depressed.

My parents had known of my struggles my whole life but had never been quite sure how to handle it. Once I reached the peak of my adolescence I started to break down in a major way and so my mum decided to find someone to help, because she didn't feel like she could do much more. 

My first meeting with Phil was a tearful one, not that I reached any major breakthrough so quickly. I was stubborn and slow throughout the whole process but Phil was forever persistent. Phil gave me someone to talk to, someone I knew I could trust, and someone who I felt like had an understanding of what I was experiencing, because he does. Phil is a man who has been to hell and back, and brought with him some life experiences, which have been great value to me.

Since my meetings with Phil I have picked up guitar, lost quite a bit of weight (30kgs) and finally gotten proper employment. Mental struggles never go away, but with Phil's help I have learnt how to navigate my own thoughts and work with myself and the people around me to achieve a sense of accomplishment and well-being I have only ever been able to accomplish through substance abuse. 

Phil has left me in the greatest point in my life ever (so far) and I know that if I ever fall again he'll be there to push me through.

Grateful me - while choosing to remain anonymous

So close ... so very close ...

What is it that you would give, to repay a person who quite literally came from nowhere, to pick you up, and prevent your life from ending?

I have had many years to ponder this question, and even now I am not sure that I can answer it.  

Let me explain ....

My life was in tatters, the level of exhaustion and frustration was such that I was unable to think clearly, and all I wanted was to end my life, as I truly felt I could not find any reason to keep going.

In an exchange of e-mails with a friend in Canada, I had let it slip that I was reaching the point of no reason to go on.

The work I was doing was draining me, all I wanted to do was finish the file I was working on, and then slip into an endless sleep –I did have the ability to take my own life, and to be honest, death has never held any fear for me.

Then a phone call came, the voice was unknown to me, however the support and the comfort and the strength within the voice, filled me with a courage I had not known before.

The call was from Phil Evans, my friend in Canada had sent him an urgent e-mail to contact me, Phil had no idea as to who I was, or anything other than there was concern of self-harm.

I was sitting there, within minutes of actually taking a bottle of sleeping tablets, with a bottle of whiskey.  So close ... so very close ...

To be truthful, I have no idea as to how long Phil and I spoke that afternoon, or even what we spoke about.   I just know that at the end of the conversation I wasn’t alone anymore, more importantly I had Phil Evans in my corner to support me regardless of what the world was throwing at me.

My work within the workers compensation industry as a community advocate was stressful, and it did attract a lot of negative bias towards me as a person.

Phil took me through the process of understanding just why the negatives were coming, so that I could see that I was actually a lot stronger than I believed I was.

My life took an almost immediate turn for the better.

The work is still endless and still exhausting; however I have learnt to pace myself so I actually get more done without the stress impacting on me as it once did.

In the last few years I have been nominated for many community awards, I have a Pride of Australia Medal, I have been named Australia Day Awards for my community work, I am on the South Australian Woman’s Honour Roll, and now I have been named as Advantage SA Community Leader 2011 for my work within the workers compensation industry.

To think I came so very close to ending my life to now being recognised as a leader in my industry even to me is amazing!

I will never be able to repay the debt of gratitude that I owe to Phil Evans, even after all the years that have slipped past; Phil is still my pillar of strength, my guidance and my friend.

It is my honour and my pleasure to write these words for Phil in the belief that how Phil helped and guided me, he can also do for you, or for a friend of yours who you feel needs some help.

Yours in service

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Founder: Work Injured Resource Connection inc
Adelaide South Australia

Advantage SA Community Leader 2011


Dear Phil – here are my heartfelt thanks for you to share with the world … your world!

December has always been a hard month for me related to past traumas. It is also my birth month- a time when I reflect on my life. This past December I turned 60 and my life inventory was not positive. I berated myself for being a failure for not having accomplished as much as I should have at my age. I thought of how “I use to be” this or that but now felt I was a nothing. I lost my sense of purpose. I felt that the only option I had was suicide and began an internet search for how to kill myself and make it look like an accident for the sake of my family. I felt like I was a on a teeter-totter-wanting to die but also wanting to live. It was during this time that I came across a web site  at first I thought “Yeah I am the key alright-the key to failure and misery” I opened the web site out of curiosity and decided to watch one of the videos. I ended up watching the one about self-sabotage and another on Applying the 5 love languages to ourselves.They both affected me deeply.  Impulsively I wrote an email telling Phil about my depression and PTSD and thanked him for these videos since for that day they made me feel better. I also told him I did not expect a reply.

Amazingly the next day I received an email that began “Yes-you are certainly getting a reply-because you deserve one”   This was the beginning of conversions with Phil like no other conversions I have ever had before.  He has the ability to connect with a person on different levels. He is authentic in his compassion and desire to guide you into a realm of yourself that you may not have known even existed. His intuitive questions or comments are gentle but thought provoking. Over all you are embraced with his deep yearning   for you to be whole-for you to fully accept and know that you are worthy and do deserve a better outcome in your life He is there for you every step of the way. I cannot say enough about what it means for me to have Phil In my life.

In the three months that I have known Phil my life has taken many positive turns. I no longer isolate myself in my room. I engage in life more with volunteer work and even just taking myself out bowling or to movies. I’ve taken risks as far as my job and am far happier for it. I am re-kindling my interests in things that bought me pleasure in the past. The power of Phil’s connectedness and love toward me has changed my life. I still have my struggles but I am no longer suicidal and after a long time actually feel hope for the future and can honestly say I am enjoying life.

Karen ………….., 
A Registered Nurse from Rochester, New York

Saving Our Relationship

Thank you Phil Evans

My partner and I saw Phil for 10 sessions over a 10 week period, helping us through a real rough patch in our relationship – problems that we're hoping we will never have to face again.

Although it was a structured program to ensure we were meeting goals and covering essential areas, Phil was very flexible with dates, times and locations for our face to face meetings to fit around our work and family commitments; and he also adopted an approach that suited us.

Phil definitely helped us through a very trying time and it was a very reasonable cost for his services, compared to the value of a saved relationship, and the establishment of strategies to cope with any future problems that may arise.

It felt great knowing that someone was always there to call or email if we needed some extra support during that time and even after the program, we both know that we can contact Phil if things get rocky again. Right now it's great peace of mind knowing that help is only a call or a mouse click away from someone who knows our situation, can offer help and who really cares!

We had both seen counsellors separately in the past but they didn't give us what we actually needed, they seemed to just listen to our stories and not really offer any practical advice - except hinting that we should consider ending our relationship. Phil first made sure that we both honestly wanted to save our relationship, then got us to commit 100% to making that happen. He also made sure that we both felt 100% comfortable with him before moving forward and I am sure he wouldn't have taken us on as clients if he felt that he wasn't the right person.

Phil must have been through a lot of trying times himself or perhaps has seen a lot of clients and gained a lot of experience over the years because he could really sympathise with our situation and offer some really good practical advice and give us the emotional support we needed at the time.

If you are going through some rough patches in your relationship or are even just wanting to make sure you end up having a long lasting and loving partnership with your special someoneĀ­, I can't recommend Phil highly enough!

Thanks a lot Phil, you saved what we had been building over the years, and we can't thank you enough for that!

Dave and Rebecca
Business Entrepeneurs – Global Travellers

Phil Evans has been more than just a great lifestyle coach; he has become an awesome friend!

I met Phil a few months ago, and he has taught me many things: how to love the man in the mirror (me), how to relax, let go of the past and enjoy life, how to forgive, and how to put my own needs first.
He has taught me this as a loving and caring lifestyle coach and mate; not through text books, but through his own experiences in life and his amazing gift of knowledge and intuition.
I have grown from a boy (by healing and developing my inner child); to a man; and Phil has been there with support, a 'man-hug', or a gentle kick in the butt whenever needed.
It has been a pleasure to have Phil help me grow in life, and learn to love me for me.
Thanks to a great man and new mate ...
Thank you Phil Evans 

Colin Crossley
Builder, and Tooling Specialist in Retail Sales 
Rutherford, NSW, Australia

Hey there Phil Evans ...

We are very grateful to you Phil; for teaching us to understand how we both need to be loved!
You have helped open communication back into our relationship, and made us both realise why we fell in love in the first place!

Thanks for all your help - we will never forget you!

Michael and Josie Cramp
Mudgee, NSW, Australia 

Dear Phil,

Just a little note to say thank you for all the help you have given me over the last 6 months.

I have to say that I was skeptical at first, being a male and so young, I thought I knew everything and that no one could help!  However, you definitely proved to me that I had a lot to learn; and I hope I proved to you that I could/did learn a lot from you and your philosophies on life, the universe, and everything in it!

The reasons I came to you were to sort myself out and hopefully in turn fix a broken relationship. I feel I achieved both of those goals in different ways and you, Phil, were a huge part in me achieving that.

You taught me that; "Once you own something, you can change it". I firmly believe that now. You can only ever control yourself and what you do, not anyone else or anything else. I am a firm believer in this and I now wake up every day knowing if I am the best possible person I can be, the universe will throw back at me everything good my heart desires, I took some convincing, but you showed me this is true.

One of the biggest things I love about you Phil, is that you do things differently. A phone call, a voice mail, a text, a Facebook message just to say “How are things mate?”  those are the sorts of things that turn clients into friends and why I believe everyone could benefit from a chat with you. You truly are a special human being who is living his purpose with so much passion.  It’s hard not to want to help yourself when you’ve got a bloke like you across the table or on the end of the phone.

I wake up every day, being the best person I can be. I’ve learned a lot about myself, I know myself better than I ever have. I know my purpose, I know my place and it’s my absolute pleasure to say that Phil Evans taught me a lot of important lessons to get to this stage.

Stay well my friend.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Travis
Musician, Entertainer, and Business Owner
Newcastle, Australia

Phil Evans is one man that I will never forget – he taught me how to live.

Phil's involvement with you never ends at your last session. Often out of the blue I will receive a call checking in to see how I am going – something I haven't received once from any of the three psychologists I have seen over the years. His sessions are far from clinical – he is a man who loves to work with people and has the purest intentions to see them succeed in life.

I remember disagreeing with Phil on our first session together – when he proposed the idea that I could be medication-free one day, I thought 'this man has no idea – I will kill myself if I am not on medication'. I think I was around 19/20 years old at the time, on a disability pension for psychiatric illness, was surrounded by negative 'friendships', I sought love in the wrong places and, although I didn't identify it at the time, had a serious binge drinking problem (usually minimum of three times a week).

Phil helped me to look at the cause of my mental health symptoms rather than accept the label of a life-long illness. Phil has a way or working through grief and heartache in a gentle and loving way – he was there to help me with present hurts in relationships, but taught me effective ways to grieve my father's suicide and helped me to express the anger in a helpful way. I learnt not to feed emotions, that I only had my meet my own expectations, he recognised my strengths and helped me to overcome my weaknesses.

Changing my life wasn't an immediate thing and the changes I took were gradual and occurred naturally over a course of time. By my twenty-first birthday I, with the approval of my treating psychiatrist and psychologist, took the first steps to coming off medication.

As a twenty-four year old I am still in communication with Phil and enjoy his peoplEmails and his phone calls. Over the years I have made several trips back to get some life coaching when issues have appeared or when 'undigested grief' from the past has started playing havoc.

Unfortunately, life is life and it is going to throw us challenges and it won't be easy. Life coaching helps you to take ownership of the things you can change in your own life and in yourself, including the way you respond to situations.

Four months ago I had found myself in a place of crisis – I went through several traumas back in January and many months later I wasn't dealing with it. I had suffered loss and been in a car accident and now out of work, I found myself in one of the darkest depressions I had been in in ten years. I went back to my habit of sitting in a room with a shrink and discussing the issues (which only seemed to create self-pity) and checked myself out of the hospital I admitted myself into after a week – I was only getting worse.

Then it was like a light-switch – why hadn't I thought of it sooner: Phil Evans. After I first contacted Phil saying I wished to go back to life coaching, there was a series of events that prevented us from having a session. In these times I was able to reflect upon what Phil had taught me in the past and apply it to my current circumstances. I found ways to work through the grief and found things to ignite my passion again.

I am back to working a job I love on weekends, I have resumed full-time study for my Youth Work diploma and I am waking up with a smile on my face (When I first approached Phil I think I expressed that I was feeling pain in my cheeks from frowning so much and couldn't remember the last time I genuinely smiled). I am excited again about my wedding in December, which was coming close to being postponed due to my depression and the relationship I have with my fiance has improved since I applied Phil's teachings.

Best way I can explain the role Phil has had in my life is that he has acted like a scaffold to my building. We started our work on the damaged foundations, then set work placing the bricks of inner strength, resilience and the power to change my own life. Once in place, the scaffold can be taken down and you are left with a strength to take care of your life. In life you may foolishly wonder away from this like I did, but it's easy to find your way back as long as your remember the address: What Phil Evans taught me.

Thank yo so much Phil

Loz – Youth Worker and grateful client

Phil Evans is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. He challenged me to set career goals that were at the cutting edge of my competence and has helped me enormously to have the courage to try to achieve my career goals, and supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve those. I am now in my dream job.

While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Phil has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals, he is also able to break down the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards your goal, whether it be a new course of study, defining your career direction, realising personal goals and achievements, resolving family and relationship conflict, or taking charge of your life. Phil has a great understanding of the right language to use to ensure you are talking the right language in your day to day life.

Life coaching, acceptance and listening are second nature to Phil, and I would strongly recommend him if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life’s journey. I am also a life coach and have worked with many great people over the years, Bob Proctor, Jerry Robert, John F DeMartini and I regard Phil to be up there with the best of them.

Thank you so much Phil

Peter Henderson
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Life and Business Coach
LifeSuccess Consultant, with Bob Proctor

To whom it may concern ...

"I was experiencing some difficulties in allowing myself to move forward with everything that I wanted in my life and seemed to be self sabotaging certain areas of my life. Working with Phil Evans helped me to realise that there were certain things I had experienced in my younger years that were holding me back from creating the life I had always imagined. Phil was a strong support, and a great Coach and Mentor for me over our journey together. Since working with Phil I have been able to grow my business and improve my relationships. I truly owe a lot to Phil and his processes as they helped me get through a tough period in my life. His mentorship will be a part of my life for a long time. Thanks again Phil!".

Jake Edwards, Managing Director at LovinYou
Melbourne, Australia
Empowering Women all over the world

To Phil Evans of People Stuff

The offer of coaching appeared in my email at a time when doom and gloom surrounded me. After following and reading PeopleMail newsletters for about 3 years it seemed amazing to me that this offer would appear at a time when I didn’t think that I would ever be 'me' again.

So I met with Phil and we talked; and now over the course of a few months I feel that there is light surrounding me; and no more doom and gloom.

Phil has showed me that ‘I CAN’ through his total unconditional support, belief and love.

My journey has been positive; and when I have slipped there has been support.

Phil’s relaxed ways have been a great way for me to grow. There is no set schedule and we can work on whatever needs to be dealt with at whatever time. It is this approach that makes Phil the coach that allows you to work at your own pace, not working to a schedule.

Phil’s life experience and the way he conducts himself in general, his positivity and his unwavering support have shown me that it doesn’t matter about what has happened; let go and make what you want for the future!

There is an acceptance that what has happened has had an effect on who we are today, but we can be who we want to be today and in the future.

Thank you Phil, I know that with your support, I can be whatever I want to be!

Larissa Darcy
Business Systems Consultant
Newcastle, Australia

To anyone who may be interested in creating positive change ....

I’ve been on Phil’s PeopleMail list since 2007. I even have most of the emails he has sent since then. In December 2011 I decided to become one of Phil’s clients. Our start date was delayed by holidays, and then by an operation I had for breast cancer. Even though we had not begun the coaching per se, Phil would ring me up, encouraging me as I recovered.

When we started the coaching I did as I have done many times before. I was not prepared. I was not taking responsibility for the coaching. I did not use the processes Phil suggested. The dog ate my homework, which is an excuse I have been using since my high school days, at work, at uni, with friends and family. I was not keeping my commitments to myself, let alone to Phil, another life-long habit, and one that I was specifically trying to change through working with him.

Then one day, through Phil’s intuition and my willingness to try something different, we made the breakthrough. And I do mean that we made this breakthrough together. My fears surfaced, I’ve had lots of them driving my life, and I withdrew into my emotional and physical cave. Phil called, and I let the calls go to message-bank. I did not reply to his emails. Finally, I took responsibility for myself and my reactions, and I wrote to him detailing my fears and those reactions. It was in this writing that I began to heal and find a new way.

It has been just over a week and I have maintained my new habits, a record for me. I have been writing every day. I have a theory that more than 40 years of being depressed is related to not writing, and the fears around expressing myself openly without being judged. Fears which I have grappled with since Phil asked me to write this. I even tried writing a flippant testimonial and was thanked and challenged for doing that. “Write something from the heart Susan” was his request!

So here it is.

From a heart which has been mostly closed, closed to other people, closed to the joy in life, and closed even to myself. And is now open.

So, here is my first public piece of writing for more than 40 years. I cannot thank Phil enough for having pushed me over the edge - so that I could fly.

Susan Handes
Adult Educator and Writer
Brisbane, Australia

About six years ago I stumbled upon a newsletter called “PeoplEmail from PeopleStuff” written by Phil Evans.

The newsletter arrived in my inbox every so often.

I often wondered if I could meet this person; and how great that would be.

Each newsletter was full of inspiration, and as I was going through a rough time it helped me to refocus on the things that mattered to me. Always scanning the incoming messages, and when there would be one from Phil, this one I would read first.

In November last year Phil offered some coaching and mentoring in one of his weekly emails. I was feeling down and decided that I needed to have someone I could chat too, to overcome the hurdle. Receiving phone calls when not expected, with at friendly smiling face on the other end, made the difference. The weekly Skype coaching sessions offered more than just support.

It has been a very rewarding experience to have a mentor and coach to guide me in my quest for overcoming some hurdles, but the journey has only just begun. I know there is always something that will challenge me, and looking back over the coaching and mentoring notes I have written, they will guide me.

Yes, there is always the option to sent an email to ask for some different ideas or clarifications. I am looking forward to my ongoing journey to be true to myself and do the best that I can.

I discovered also ten two letter words that are very powerful, and stuck on front of my diary, and on the fridge where I see them every day more than once.

“If it is to be, it is up to me”

My gratitude and kind regards

Emmi Godau
Nursing Director and Mentor
Melbourne, Australia

I met Phil Evans about 3 months ago when I was at a crossroads about what next to do with my life.  I was seeking clarity from someone independent, non-judgemental, supportive, and with no hidden agenda.

Thankfully that’s just what I found in Phil, who has an uncanny ability to tap into exactly what’s going on in your head and offer practical solutions.

I felt very daunted going into our first session together, and there were plenty of tears and tissues, but I came out of there with a new perspective that kept me smiling for days and I had one of the most productive weeks I’d had in ages.

Throughout our sessions there have been many “aha” moments that have enabled to break free of psychological shackles (self-imposed and otherwise) and to see things a lot more clearly.
It’s been a liberating and rewarding experience.

Thanks Phil – you’re a legend!

Kim M.... Solicitor and Business Owner
Newcastle, Australia


Phil - For you with Thanks!!!

Phil Evans doesn't stuff around!
He knows his stuff!
He gets straight to the cause with a style of care, love, and understanding that is extremely rare. Maybe its just the Australian way? 
You know... help the person who needs it the most because in the end we all win!
That's Phil Evans...and that's what Phil Evans has done for me.
I haven't even met the guy, we have a cyberspace relationship, but regardless of space, time or style of interaction, my life has been touched and enhanced by Phil and his guidance and inspiration.

Listen to him..he knows his stuff!!

Claire Camden
Business Owner and Healer
Melbourne Aust


Dear Phil,

Over the years I have spent more money than I care to admit to on doing course's, buying books, tapes and CD's in regard to meditation and personal development.

I would always try very hard, but never felt connected with the facilitator.

Then in February '06 I found your meditation CD.
And at last I was able follow your guidance and meditate.

The difference is very simple, you spoke with me, not at me.
Your voice reassured me that at all times I was safe.
You explained what we were going to do - and how we were going to do it.

The real beauty though is that your CD has 2 meditations on it, one to help me rid myself of all the things that no longer are required in my life, and the other to help me build my life to where I want to be.

And that I believe is the whole key, you helped guide me to remove, and then to rebuild.

I can never say thank you enough for the help I have received via your guided meditation CD.
In many ways it has helped me to become who I am now, as well as help lay down the foundations for where I am going in my life.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Founder - Work-Injured Resource Connection


I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU for your presentation this morning!
It was very powerful - straight to the point - which will make it memorable for everyone who attended.

Kind regards

Karen Coulson, B.HSc (N&D), B.A. Dip.Ed
Business SWAP - Central Coast


Do not go through life without having benefited from what Phil has to share with you! 

Working with Phil gave me enormous new focus and inspiration to my career!

Phil has been inspiring and uplifting, giving me a new sense of purpose - both personally and professionally!

Thank you Phil Evans

Peter Clark
Dental Surgeon
Newcastle, Australia

Testimonial for Phil Evans of People Stuff

I encourage anyone to participate in one of Phil’s personal development courses.

The kind of “stuff” you deal with in these groups is a reality check – a very gentle and positive movement towards the outer regions of your comfort zone.

A bit scary, a bit uncomfortable, but always empowering and uplifting.

Invest in your “self” – just do it.

Julieanne Hensby
Consultant, IBCLC

I was fortunate enough to attend Phil Evan's "Personal Empowerment" Course.

Phil Evan's passion on this subject soon became evident, and through his deep knowledge, his valuable insight and his deep understanding was able to pass on to us "his students" valuable tools in our quest for answers.

His enthusiasm and commitment soon became very evident, as with also while being very professional, he soon became our valued friend.

Phil Evans has been instrumental in the creation of so many projects, and while very hard working and highly motivated, is genuine in his pursuits in wanting to make a "better world". It is through these efforts that he has been relentless in carrrying out his dreams, and because of this has made a huge impact, and touched so many lives.

I have no doubts that Phil Evans was very instrumental in my life, enabling me to accept what I cannot change, understand of why it happened, and more importantly allow me to be able to move on and face any and all of the challenges which may lay ahead.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish Phil all the very best, and I know that with his relentless pursuit of all his dreams, his deep perception, unwavering dedication, his teachings and advice and with his real empathy towards others, which he continues to build, that he will continue to be a strong leader, and so deserves future successes ahead and the continual praise that he so richly deserves.

Thank you Phil, for being the person you are, and I for one will never, ever forget how you touched my life.


Shirley Futcher
Aged Care Facilitator

Dear Phil,

I want to thank you for the Personal Empowerment course I've just completed with you and 'the rest or our team'.

To be honest I was wondering before starting if such a course would really be an aid to me and my life?

This prior skepticism completely dissolved on that very first night!

I learnt quite early there was a lot of needless anxiety I had kept pretty well hidden from my very own self and it is only now with knowledge learnt can I start to 'shake off those past shackles' in to help navigate my life in a far better direction then what was previous.

It was just a great exercise for my mind, body & soul and I thank you again for the help in my journey forward and beyond.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Francis

Dearest Phil,

I would like to begin this letter by saying 'thank you' !!!

You are a wonderful man, with so much to give and you are an inspiration to me. I have enjoyed Tuesday nights right from the very start and only my NZ trip home could keep me away from one of your classes.

I am fortunate that I may begin my journey now at the age of 24 and learn to use the tools that will equip me to deal with whatever life has in store for me. I want to be a wonderful Mother (when the time comes) and teach my children the things I am learning from you now. One person can impact on so many lives (like you Phil) which makes me realise my blessing of being able to be a Mother and a woman. I have started to question what I really want in my life and what is important to me. Understanding my conscious self-talk (and my subconscious) and how crucial it is to my present state of mind, is an important lesson I have learned. I know I still need to work at it, but I am now AWARE.

I am more aware of other people too .... in a deeper sense. I am finding myself wanting to give my love out more and really make more of an effort in my day-to-day interactions with others.

Life doesn't have to be a struggle or hard anymore.

As I learn to love myself more, the more I am beginning to realise that I have so much to give, and now I feel like I am on the path to finding out how I can do this at a sustainable level and make a great life for myself.

Again - many thanks for helping to change my life - and for giving me the 'tools' that allow me to make today count - and the future so much brighter.

Warmest regards

Dana Veric
Newcastle, Australia

To Whom it may Concern

Newcastle and Hunter Business Chamber is pleased to acknowledge People Stuff's Managing Director, Mr Phil Evans, for his efforts with the Members' Services Committee.

Phil Evans is well known to the Members of the Business Chamber, particularly for his contribution to the formation and continuing successful growth of the Consultants' Forum.

Phil recognised an opportunity for the growing numbers of self-employed consultants to collaborate and grow their business opportunities. With Phil's enthusiasm, energy and continuing support, a successful team environment exists within the Forum.

Thank you Phil Evans

Glenn Thornton
Chief Executive Officer
Hunter Business Chamber

To Whom it may Concern

This is to state that I have known Phil Evans for a period of approximately ten years.

More recently, my contact with Phil has been as a trainee participating in his Personal Development Course. Phil has conducted this course in a very professional, yet personalised manner, often drawing from his own past experiences to empathise with individual situations amongst the participants. He does this with a genuine desire to assist people in overcoming obstacles which may prevent them from reaching their full potential.

As a result from attending this course I find I have the motivation and the confidence to tackle challenges I would normally avoid both personally and professionally.

Yours faithfully,

Kate Grob
Recruitment Consultant
Drake Recruitment and Training

To Whom it may Concern

Re: Mr Phil Evans

Mr Phil Evans sowed his time into the CityCare Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre, by committing himself to a 12 month period, in which he facilitated his own Personal Development Program one night each week.

During the 12 months that Phil spent with Citycare, I came to know him as an honest, reliable and extremely dependable person, in which I hold the highest esteem.

Phil presented himself each week in a truly admirable way and proved to have a gift for working with people who have been challenged both mentally and physically, by drug and alcohol dependency. Whilst giving his time, Phil also showed excellent skills in building relationships.

I have no hesitation in recommending Phil Evans for any endeavour in which he is willing to partake.

Yours sincerely,

Ross Pene 
CityCare Newcastle Inc.

Re: Phil Evans

I first came into contact with Phil Evans around two years ago through various networking functions supported by Phil in and around Newcastle. Phil has developed a well known profile throughout our business community due to his commitment in supporting as many of these events as possible.

Phil is held in high regard by all who come in contact with him due to his vivacious personality, enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment to helping people wherever he can.

Phil has held a series of workshops here at the Capri Plaza Hotel. The workshops were designed to help people with their self-esteem, inner thoughts and basic well-being.

Phil's personality and enthusiasm for life is infectious and he has an amazing ability to strike a rapport with all those he comes into contact with. I admire Phil's dedication, his passion and his sincerity in truly wanting to make a difference in people's lives. Through Phil's teaching, advice and personal life's experiences he has gained a wealth of knowledge and many skills by which to help the world around us.

I wish Phil all the very best in his commitment to helping the community.


Emma Callinan
Sales and Marketing Director
Capri Plaza Hotel

Dear Phil

Thank you Phil for a fabulous presentation today at our business breakfast. I received several positive comments about you and your methods.

Take special care.

Jan Sky
Principal - Sky Training
Sydney, Australia

My thanks to Phil Evans

Phil conducted a workshop with my entire support team. The workshop was focused on helping my consultants remain detached while dealing with people who have barriers to employment which often involved assisting them with both their physical and emotional needs.

The workshop was challenging in content and Phil delivered the information in a fun way which involved all of the team. At the end of the day everyone felt that they had gained something on a personal level and each person had strategies to deal with clients in a more detached way. Some of my team have since chosen to work on a one on one basis with Phil and have given me very positive feedback on how this has influenced them to make some very positive changes in their lives.

I would highly recommend Phil as a facilitator who assists people to view thoughts as creative seeds for new beginnings and problems as opportunities for growth and expansion.

Regards - and my thanks again,

Susan McCluskey
Site Manager
Wesley Uniting Employment

Dear Phil

I just wanted to acknowledge the inspirational work you do, and the positive role model you have become to many people. Whether by regular receipt of your e-mails, attendance at your Personal Development and Empowerment workshop, or simply a phone call or chance meeting in the street, the thing that impresses me most is that you are truly a ‘giver’. By ‘giver’, I mean you are one of those rare people that leave others in a better mood simply for having been in your company.

Your infectious enthusiasm, and genuine empathy for the plight of others – forged by your own hard fought battles – are the qualities that separate you from the herd. I know you have positively impacted the lives of many people, and I hope you continue to do so.

Thank you for your selfless efforts, and be assured that your influence is valuable, powerful and appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Martin Coates
Team Leader and Regional Manager
Telstra CountryWide

Hi Phil,

I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for your session on Wednesday.

I have had so much positive feedback from the staff it is incredible - as are you!!!

The afternoon session was all about OH & S and the poor girl had such an act to follow that the staff struggled to stay awake !!!!!

They were all pretty tired by Thursday morning because your session was so emotionally charged. As I said to you, I have never been involved in a session like it and I was so impressed.

You are amazing !!!!

I hope that the staff do contact you individually and that you can help them with their issues. I know that we will certainly look at getting you back again - hopefully soon !!!!

Thanks again Phil.


Claudia Tolhurst
President – Edgeworth Child-Care Centre

Testimonial - Phil Evans

100% POSITIVE - is the best way I can describe Phil Evans.

No matter what has happened in my own work situation or personal life that might be making me feel a little bit down or negative - receiving contact from Phil or one of his positive emails - is enough to set me on the right track again.

Phil practises what he preaches - think and act positively - and it rubs off !!

I believe in business if your staff is 'happy' then the business will look after itself.

I have personally seen Phil help a number of businesses go forward with a "yes we can' attitude that in the end will always help a Company's bottom line.

I feel lucky to be part of Phil's 'People Stuff Community' and look forward to being part of it for a long time to come.

Yours sincerely, and with gratitude

Paul Kish
Company Director
NOM Office Solutions

Dear Phil,

A big thank you for the opportunity to attend your recent course in Personal Empowerment Course.

From the first night the group was encouraged to take ownership of the course, creating a comfortable and casual atmosphere which allowed the content to flexible from week to week.
Your ability to facilitate the group ensured that every person was supported and had the opportunity to share their thoughts and emotions and learn from each others experiences.

With your guidance I have already made positive changes in my life and am motivated to continue this and share what I have learned from you with others.

You are a true teacher - not only sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience, but taking a genuine interest in every person to assist and challenge them in making positive changes in their life. Your passion, enthusiasm and motivation for helping people is truly inspirational.

Kind Regards,

Kate Leonard
Non-Profit Organisation Management Consultant

Morning Phil

Your e-books are so wonderful ...  Its like i have you there telling me face to face ,reminding me whats important and what the crap is all about, congratulations on finding your purpose in what can be (if we let it) a spun out, screwed up existence.

Andrew and I are in a great place at the moment, so much fun in remembering what attracted us to you in the first place, mind,body and spirit!

Phil ,if i haven't taken the time to stop and thank you for the gift that you so unselfishly gave me (us), Im sorry.  I remember when i first meet you and I said I wanted to be like one of those people you look at and just like.  You respect straight up.  You are very much one of those people.  I don't know how you do what you do, the ability to see....things!  Especially the good in people, especially when they can't see it for them selves.

I love my husband and family with all of my heart and you helped me to remember that!

I'm also remembering and learning who I am and loving it.
Time is such a gift in itsself its nice when you appreciate it.

I know this isn't the first thank you you have received, and I'm certain it will not be the last.
So I thank you again and will always do so.

Take care of you Phil, many people want you around.

Jodie Scotton
Testimonial for Phil Evans, People Stuff

Phil was a guest speaker at the ETC Business Club Breakfast.

He spoke to our audience of business people from the heart – his approach was very genuine, very real. He provided us with practical, achievable approaches to making the best of ourselves; and our family, social and business/work lives. He helped us to realise that we don’t all want to be on the go all the time, and that we can’t all be positive all the time.

He was easy to listen to – as I listened to him my mood lifted, I could feel my way of thinking changing. I enjoyed his stories as well as his practical advice.

I would recommend Phil to anyone who wants to achieve a happier, more balanced and successful business or personal life by changing the way they think.

Jackie Parkinson
Marketing Coordinator
Enterprise & Training Company Limited (ETC)
Coffs Harbour NSW

The following is an expression of my heartfelt thanks to you Phil

I attended a course run by Phil Evans with the main intention of gaining experience to present this type of course in conjunction with Phil. I knew I would receive valuable 'stuff' for my own life as well.

I quickly realised that the skills Phil uses in his courses are his personal qualities, skills and life experiences. These qualities are very 'Phil'. He uses his extensive research and personal experience in subjects that he is passionate about and brings these passions to life in a very practical usable way.

I came away from this course with valuable, usable skills to assist me in my own life, and know that Phil will keep me 'honest' with myself and remind me of these skills if and when I slip.

Thank you Phil.

Lorna Tickle
Trainer and Life Coach

I met Phil Evans about 6 months ago.

I had always thought "I'm strong, I'm okay, I can deal with life" but I had reached a point where deep down I was unhappy in my job, feeling unhealthy and had a tremendous loss of both direction and motivation.

During my one-on-one sessions with my new found coach, Phil uncovered a lot of "stuff" and he was always there for me even when I didn't think I needed him!  I'd get a phone call when I least expected it to say "hey, how are you going?"...sometimes just hearing those words are enough to see you through the day!
Since meeting Phil I have given up smoking, changed my job and about to move into a new journey continues and let me say anyone who wants to find quality in their life should introduce themselves to this very special man who will always be there for you.
Thanks Phil!

Community Leader

Dear Phil,

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your “Personal Empowerment Workshop”.

For someone who has never really understood or explored my own mind and feelings, I found your workshop an extremely positive and enlightening experience for both my personal and professional well being.

I truly believe the course has opened my mind and my emotions and would not hesitate in recommending and endorsing your course.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Howard
National Manager
To Whom it May Concern

It is with pleasure I tender my reference for a friend and business colleague - Phil Evans.

I have found Phil to be one of the most vibrant business personalities I have had the pleasure of working with. His boundless enthusiasm and professional demeanour engender's successful outcomes in everything in which he is involved.

In my opinion, because of Phil's wide business and life experiences, he is an excellent motivator who is always keen to instigate and co-ordinate networking groups for the common good. These attributes also make him a good convenor, moderator, facilitator and mentor. Recent establishment in the Hunter Business community of a Consultants' Co-operative and the Minerva Technology Group, in which I am both actively involved, are a direct result of Phil's initiative.

I can recommend Phil Evans to any organisation that wishes to be associated with success.


Harry Jones
Principal - Envoy Telecommunications Services
Newcastle, Australia

To Whom it may Concern

Testimonial on behalf of Phil Evans - People Stuff

I have known Phil Evans since 1997 and have maintained both personal and business relationships with him since that time.

We have been Members of several high profile Business Committees throughout the Hunter Valley and I have been impressed by Phil's vision, drive and commitment to having all Members work together and build trust and friendships to provide successful outcomes to the Committees.

Some of the Committees involved have been the Private Case Managers Network, Call Centre Attraction Taskforce and the Newcastle and Hunter Business Chamber's Committee on Member Services and also the Regional Infrastructure Committee.

He has also been instrumental in setting up network groups in the Information Technology, Mining and Business sectors, all of which have flourished and are providing benefits to their Members. His skills in this area have been recognised by Committees such as the Hunter Mining Network, calling on Phil to re-energise their group, build up membership, and provide direction to them.

One notable achievement has been the formation of the Business Chamber Consultants' Forum. Phil worked with a few individuals to develop a forum where small operators and one-person businesses could meet in an informal atmosphere to develop marketing, team building and other skills. This forum has now taken on a life of its own and will provide a platform for Hunter-based consultants to tender for large scale contracts.

His efforts also led to the forming of 'Consult The Hunter' - another initiative driven by Members from within the Newcastle Hunter Business Chamber.

Phil's amicable character and pleasant nature allow him to mix easily in all the variety of environments and he is always cheerful, co-operative and courteous to clients, team members and community members alike. I am confident that his dedication to task, friendly attitude and integrity make him entirely suitable for any future challenges that are placed before him.

On a more personal note, I have found Phil's commitment and drive to enhance all aspects of the community in which he lives, to be a credit and he is a role model for those around him.

I also find him a committed and concerned family man.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Loader
Manager - United Mining Personnel Services
Hunter Valley NSW, Australia

Phil is an island of complete sense in an ocean of complicated and confused lives!

He then throws you a life raft with just one line (cos it’s the only thing you need to “get”) “What others say and do is THEIR stuff; and how we react, or not is OUR stuff!”

He has a gift for helping you see every situation in a different light and an ability to give you the tools to deal with it ... without judgement.

He gets straight to the point and really gives you a reality check.

Phil is generous, honest and best of all… REAL !!

His energy and belief inspire me to try and be the best person I can be !

Love and gratitude,

Natalie Butterworth
Business Owner
Newcastle, Australia

To Whom it may Concern

Regarding Phil Evans and LifeLine's Unemployed Men's Group

Phil Evans presented a twelve week program on Self Development for our Unemployed Men's Group. Phil's talks covered topics from facing fears, the art of relaxation, personal empowerment, anger management, self esteem, through to planning for the future.

Phil was able to easily engage the group and the program was well attended.

At LifeLine we were able to see the difference in the men as they came to the group each week - the group became collectively and individually calmer, happier and more confident in themselves. We witnessed a physical transformation in the men, who took more pride in their appearance as they received encouragement and support from Phil and their peers each week.

Phil has an energy that is contagious and is crucial to running groups of people at risk of depression and a host of other health problems. He has a compassionate spirit and a genuineness of nature that resonated with the men and allowed them to open up within the group.

Phil exceeded the expectations we had of him and we at LifeLine Newcastle and Hunter look forward to continuing our association with him.

We wish Phil all the very best in his future endeavours and recommend him as an inspiring and effective Motivational Speaker and Facilitator.


Pam Tierney
Chief Executive Officer
LifeLine - Newcastle and Hunter Valley

Dear Rainbow Man,
You're the best!  What a ray of sunshine, rainbow coloured magic man you are.
You really entered my world at the very best time and showed me the light I so needed to find.
Doing your course gave me the jump start I needed to restart my breaking heart and self doubt that were spiralling downhill at a scary pace.

Love to you always for caring and making it possible for me to experience the process that is your guidance!!

Holly Chapman
Business Owner
Newcastle, Australia

To Whom it may Concern

The Personal Development and Empowerment Course designed and delivered by Phil Evans is a must for anyone who wants to create change in their life. I consider Phil as a MASTER. I accomplished my goals and was inspired beyond my expectations.

To Phil Evans

A good teacher can speak the intellectual words and communicate clearly so the student can understand.

An excellent teacher can speak the language of the body by showing how our movements relate to how we think.

A great teacher speaks the language of the emotions by inspiring and motivating, and by rekindling the original love of the activity.

The master teacher can do all three.

Gifted teachers may be found in unexpected places. The best teachers not only teach a subject, they convey principles of living through a subject.

Thank you Phil Evans for your help.


David Owens
Principal - Hunter Remedial Massage Therapy
Newcastle, Australia

Dear Phil

Through your business, People Stuff, you have been truly developing people on behalf of Mission Australia Charlestown, for a long while now. Thank you.

Our business is to work intensively with long-term unemployed people with the aim of finding and keeping them in sustainable employment. Mostly with low skills and few qualifications, many of these people lack self esteem and the confidence to consider alternative occupations. Even when presented with a job opportunity, many of these clients suffer the 'fear factor' - fear of failure and fear of success. Hence they often sabotage their chance of a new start.

Mission Australia employed you to run a short training program we call the Vocational Development Motivation Workshop, a few hours per week over 5 weeks for groups of 10 - 15 of these clients.
The result has been excellent !

Due to your motivation the groups have generally had regular attendance with males and females of all ages willing to participate. Most of the participants have examined their belief systems, identified goals and found positive personal development as an outcome. Staff have witnessed clear changes in attitude towards employment and working co-operatively with the Employment Consultants of Mission Australia to that end.

This program ceased due to structural changes. Thank you for your valuable input, not only to the clients in your workshops, but also to the staff of the Charlestown Mission Australia team. All the very best for the future with People Stuff.

Yours truly

Kerrylee Mitchell
Services Manager
Mission Australia
Charlestown NSW Australia

Thank you so much Phil, you have changed every facet of my life, thinking and being!
I took the course “The Art of Being You” by Phil Evans,  and I have to say that over the time of the course, things really shifted in my life “BIG TIME”. You see at the beginning of the course, Phil has you write down where you are at, and also where you want to be by the course end.

I observed first hand, how powerfully others changed during and after the course finished, because this is a course that stretches your thoughts for the better for life. And as may or may not know, once you stretch yourself to areas better than where you are now, you stay that way because it becomes habit.
Over the course of the 12 weeks, which is plenty of time for change to become habit, I went from “Wishing” to leave my existing line of work and become way more independent as an entrepreneur. The funniest thing happened to me over this time, I ended up in the advantageous situation that I wrote down on paper at the beginning of the course, 1 week before the end of the course.

Absolutely amazing stuff, and because of this, I’m now “Living my dream” and have a life and lifestyle that is way above and beyond my wildest expectations.

I would strongly recommend Phil’s course “The Art of Being You” and also his personal coaching services to really embed his teachings from the course so you make change a habit…

You’ll be so glad you did! Thank you so much Phil for changing my life.
I would be extremely happy to talk to anyone who is considering this course and wants to ask me if it’s worth it… I think you’ll know what I’ll say in advance.

Adam Price
Business Owner

AIOP (Australian Institute of Office Professionals) Newcastle Branch were delighted to have Phil Evans as a guest speaker at our recent Spring Seminar, a day long event aimed at providing education and networking opportunities for office professionals in the Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Phil conducted two sessions on personal & career development as well providing support throughout the day, and we received very positive feedback from those who attended the Seminar. Phil's ability to engage the group and encourage interaction set the mood for the day by creating a relaxed atmosphere. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching people was evident in the manner in which he conducted each session, his interaction with the group, and his ability to show compassion and provide support for individuals.

The Newcastle Committee is very grateful to Phil for the encouragement and support he has shown AIOP Newcastle, and we are certainly looking forward to working with him in the future.

If you are looking for a down-to-earth, entertaining and motivating presenter who cares about making a positive difference in people's lives, I encourage you to get in touch with Phil.

Kate Leonard
Australian Institute Office Professionals
Newcastle Branch Manager

I met Phil Evans while he was conducting motivational workshops for the long term unemployed at my previous place of employment.

I was drawn instantly to Phil’s effervescent personality and his genuine desire to help people and make a difference in their lives.

Phil was invited as a guest speaker at one of our team building days. It was on this day that I learnt what ‘PeopleStuff’ was all about and what positive changes he helped to create in peoples lives.

Phil asked one single question to each of us which was ‘if you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?’

Not wanting my dad to be an alcoholic anymore was something that I never thought in a million years would be something I would share with my work colleagues but Phil somehow made me go there. It was an emotional experience but I felt completely safe and comfortable in his presence in getting it off my chest. At that point I realised that I had some ‘stuff’ that I needed to deal with and that Phil was the one who could help me.

Feeling ‘in a rut’ with my current job and unhappy within myself and in my marriage I decided to do one of his 8 week Personal Empowerment Courses. This course changed my life and empowered me in ways I never thought possible. During this course I gained the confidence to confront and overcome my fears to make gradual changes in my life. I now have a new job and am the happiest I have been in years. This is a change I wouldn’t have made in my life if I hadn’t have done this course.

I now have a better understanding of me and my ‘stuff’ ....

I strongly recommend for anyone who is wants to make changes in their lives but are not sure how to go about it and feel ‘stuck’, Phil’s Personal Empowerment Course will put you on track and change your life.

Thank you Phil Evans

Melanie Dickson
Newcastle, Australia

Hi Phil

Just a short note to say what a success your presentation on the "Art of Being You" and "Unblocking your Cash-flow" seminar was in Kempsey this morning.

The feedback forms collected were very glowing in their praises of just what an excellent and down to earth personal life experience you presented, with actual answers for everyday business and personal situations.

Your ability to connect to the many participants who attended was evident when the question was asked "Who would like to have some follow up Workshops" ? - with an overwhelming show of hands from the entire audience.

It was especially nice to see the interaction you captured with the many people who wanted to ask a question, or were truthful enough to state what they were experiencing themselves, and what does really happen in real life situations. You could sense they gained an enormous wealth of knowledge from your session.

We will be seeking some ongoing availability dates from the large group who attended, for future workshops. I would like to "Thank You" for your very flexible and personable approach and your attention to detail.

Well Done and Thanks again.

Paul Noakes
Small Business Field Officer
Small Business Answers Program
Port Macquarie - Australia

Hi Phil, Thanks heaps for your help. When I put out the "call" to the Universe earlier in the year, things started to happen. Firstly, you came into my life. Like, I mean, you REALLY came into my life. I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you for the support and unconditional caring that you have shown to me since I first made contact. So I feel blessed to have you in my corner. Today, I am feeling so much better about things.
Thanks again,

Graeme - Melbourne
I recently used Phil Evans to conduct two separate seminars, one on embracing technology in small business, and the other on managing cash flow and achieving work life balance.  Phil was an engaging and charismatic presenter who connected with the audience and delivered insightful and inspiring presentations.

In the lead up to the sessions Phil was a pleasure to work with, his flexibility and willingness to work in with our specific requirements was much appreciated and contributed to the overall success of the sessions.

Kerry Blake
Small Business Field Officer
Central Murray Area Consultative Committee

Distance Coaching Testimonial

Huge thanks go to you Phil Evans!

With me being in Hobart and you in Newcastle, I was at first unsure of how effective distance coaching would be for me. I am so glad that I challenged my doubts and we commenced with my Life Coaching about 3 months ago. All of my communication with you has been via phone and email and I have been amazed and touched by your genuine warmth and compassion for my wellbeing.

You have an uncanny ability to sense your client's 'mind space' and life situation, and use this intuition to assist your clients where they may have difficulty articulating their feelings. You came into my life during a very testing period when I was having doubts about my own worth and ability, and you have assisted me greatly to now feel empowered and valuable.

You are an understanding and respectful practitioner, and have provided me with the tools to move forward with both my personal life and my career.

I cannot thank you enough for your genuine guidance and compassion and would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks again Phil

Scott Vautin
Maintenance Services Consultant
Hobart Tasmania, Australia

Phil Evans is a very energetic guy with a great capacity for empathy and a lot of expertise when it comes to life coaching.  I enlisted Phil's help when I wanted to make some significant improvements to my business and personal life, and he was able to help me change my perspective and establish a plan to move forward towards greater prosperity and well-being.

Also, Phil is a fantastic public speaker and is able to really work with an audience to ensure a captivating and useful seminar.  His ability to think on his feet combined with the highly refined and meaningful content mean that he is an excellent choice for keynote speaker or MC.

Josh - Muswellbrook Council
Hunter Valley - Australia

A heartfelt thank you Phil Evans.

A few short months ago I was feeling though my life was out of control and I had no direction and no way of finding direction.  I had lost the most precious thing, my eldest boy, and had spent 5 years trying to find my way in this world as a totally different person.

My self esteem had taken a huge dive until I had lost all confidence in my ability to make the right decisions for myself and just let life and circumstances drag me along and dump me wherever. I was absolutely lost and searching for just one thing that might look familiar and lead me back to the person I used to be.  I had been receiving people email from Phil Evans for two years and was aware of the upcoming course that was about to be held and decided to attend hoping this would kick-start me into the new life that I wanted to live.  The course certainly lived up to my expectations, giving me new hope that I can indeed change my life and achieve anything I set my mind to.

Phil gently and expertly guides you through the course modules and his passion for life is extremely infectious.  I am well on my way to where I want to go and my self esteem is increasing everyday.  I wonder now where I would be had I not taken the leap and allowed Phil Evans to help me, its quite frightening actually.  I will be back in February to join Phil in his next course, and thank you Phil for helping me find the strength I already had.

Tracey Wallace

Hi Phil,

Well what do I say about my daily 'boost' of energy. That is how I feel after a phone call with you. No matter what is going on in my life you seem to be able to pull me out of it (even if you do make me cry).

This is still all very 'new' for me and I struggle with my 'stuff' every day, but if things start to get the better of me I know that I can call and all will be made better.

You are helping me to evolve from a 'nice' person (doormat) to a 'good' person who is now doing good things for myself and others every day.

Thanks Phil for your caring and understanding thus far and I look forward to working with you more.

Kind Regards

Samantha Pizzolato
Innisfail, Qld, Australia

Hi there Phil - it's me again ...

Since working with you my life has moved 180 degrees!! 

I was down to $2.34 in the bank and feeling pretty miserable.  I had some huge shifts occur and now only a couple of months later I am creating magic in my life. I have just returned from training courses in Access Energy in the USA and Costa Rica and now I am ready to take on the world!  And I mean that literally!

I keep asking the questions, 'What would it take to live a phenomenal life? How does life get any better? What else is possible for me to create? What would I do differently so that I keep creating the life I always imagined??
Now I am organising tour groups to different continents that will enable people to step out of their fears and limitations clearing them with Access tools. How did I get so lucky?? What else can I add to my life?
Thanks Phil for you!
Shirley-Anne Lawler
Access Energy Healer

Phil's 12 week course has been the catalyst I required to look at my job in a much more positive way. I was regularly reminded of the power of positive thinking and began to apply this in my life more frequently. I have found it easier to deal with difficult situations and people, due to the groups support and Phil's leadership during the course. I have had depression for a few years and have been able to use many of the things we discussed to help me stay on the upward keel. I feel a whole lot better about where I am at right now.

Thanks for the support,and challenges Phil.
I look forward to continuing my journey at the next course.

School Teacher and Welfare Facilitator

Hi Phil,

THANK YOU for seeing me last Friday – it has made the world of difference.  I do feel like the black cloud is lifting.  Your words keep repeating in my head, and as I went to play the blame game last night, I was surprised at how quickly my brain said “what can I learn from this”?

It’s a MUCH nicer way to think and react .... rather than getting into the blame thing!

Phil, without your generous giving nature I don’t know where I would be today.  Probably still in the depths of despair and without hope.  You promised me a rainbow - and gave me so much more.  Thank you for seeing me as a human being in need - more than just another client to transact with!

What an honour to have you appear in my life, when I really needed someone who cared.

THANK YOU again – you’re awesome!

Business Owner
Just a quick note to thank you for the magical change that has taken place in my life, starting from the first night of your course.
I really wasn't all that interested in the future because I couldn't see any escape from my predicament or any way to change things so my life would once again become enjoyable and worthwhile.
I knew where I wanted to be but the major problem was "how will I do it"?.
I couldn't find the answer so in the end there was no light at the end of the tunnel and I lost self respect and almost all motivation to climb out of the hole.
As a result of your teaching I now know there is hope and this has been the catalyst to enable me to become positive and begin to turn my life around.
I still don't know how I am going to get there, but what I now recognize are the obstacles that have been preventing me from prospering for many years.
Thanks to you, I am quickly eliminating these obstacles, leaving no alternative but to be successful and once again start enjoying the life that my family and I deserve.
Once again Phil, thank you for showing me the path to an abundant and rewarding life and maybe sometime in the near future I might be able to help less fortunate people the way you have helped me.
Kindest Regards,
David Lovell
Business Manager
Newcastle, Australia

I’ve been on this mission of self discovery all of my life, I think, because I remember as a teenager the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation and I remember the title of a book “Be Here Now” by Baba Ram Dass
It’s still true now; live in the moment; Carpe Diem (seize the moment)!

What I want you to know is, the way you put it really makes a difference. I look forward to your weekly wisdom because it really makes an impact.
It helps me to realize that it’s worth the work, the energy and the persistence to gain a sense of peace, to let all the baggage go and to believe in myself.
It’s been hard, really hard but I’m at the place now where I even appreciate the tough times for where they have brought me; and it’s people like you who have helped me get here!

I am sincerely grateful - so thank you again

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Phil

I trust this email finds you as fit and well as I am.
Phil just wanted to let you know that I have been using your Meditation CD, and that I  have had some great results already!

Pitching all the crap ( technical term ) over-board that I have been carting around for a very long time... was very liberating...and my body responded accordingly.  It felt like each negative thought actually left my a pulsing like movement.  Quite astonishing...then this calm/buzz came through my if to say it is going to be alright.

The other astounding thing the very first time I did this part of the meditation..I had sooooo many negative thoughts to write down, but every time I do it..what seemed such a very long list of a wide range of thoughts..has become less and less every time....perhaps they are not such a big deal now!!!

Another plus is that with the part of the meditation that talks about what you want to bring to your life...the first time I had tears streaming down my cheeks...perhaps the emotion of not deserving was playing a part in this..since then, no tears...and my wish list of desires is sitting much easier with me.  I stated I wanted to be more joyful..not to be as sensitive etc...and yesterday was a brilliant example of it.  I was singing your praises to a friend, and your emails etc...Suzanna said late afternoon, that she had never seen me so relaxed and happy... what could be happening Phil ????

Thank you for your support in my quest to be the best that I can be, and how to impact on other people's life through my journey.

Your new friend and advocate

Jenny Carr
Business Owner
Echuca, Victoria, Aust

Who says telephone coaching doesn't work??!!
My life has turned around 360 degrees since I started coaching with Phil Evans only a few short months ago. Completing the questionnaire was a process in itself!!
Wow did it do some digging and did I shift some stuff!!!
The only contact Phil and I had was phone and email - he lives in Newcastle and I was in beautiful Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast Qld. He was no-nonsense, caring, compassionate and held back no punches!! 

I knew Phil would do whatever it took and push me till breaking point (lots of healing tears) where I could see the light and invite change into my life... and boy have I had change!!
My life has set a whole new course and I am off and running big time!!
I met Phil last week in Newcastle as I am back in the Hunter Valley..
Kindness and gratitude

Shirley Lawler
Healing Practitioner

Hi Phil,
Thank you very much for your inspirational work, it has changed my life for good.

I have now placed my life on the right track. I am so glad that you pushed me over the edge and I am flying.
Thank you very much Phil Evans!

I have never enjoyed listening to any one so much in my entire life. Your positive, genuine and inspirational words have given me the courage to stand up for myself and to think positive and set goals to achieve.

Once again thank you so very much!

Muni Osborne
North Coast of NSW

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your Meditation CD.  

I have always had great trouble being still enough to quiet my mind and 'meditate' in any way.
With your approach, I am given a task to set my mind upon, and that makes it so much easier to focus, then clear my head so that I can get a great night's sleep. Often, I am so relaxed that I don't even remember hearing the whole recording! 

Your unique voice is calming and friendly, so I feel safe and secure as I go through the steps you suggest. 

It is a wonderful way to get rid of the baggage and start afresh, as often as I feel the need.

Thank you for such a wonderful relaxation tool.


Hi Phil

I've walked away from your seminar this afternoon extremely pumped!  I even let my Mum pay for dinner, remembering your "allow others the opportunity to give!"

My partner's teenage son has just move in with us and he suffers from depression.  I was in awe that you shared that low part of your life with us, and how you've managed to turn your life around.  

Thank you so much for sharing with us your knowledge and positive approach to life it was extremely refreshing and invigorating!

Cheers and gratitude

Kerrie Evans
Business Development Consultant
Bendigo - VIC

Phil,  thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom.

The last 12 weeks have been spiritually uplifting; and challenging at the same time.  When I enrolled in the 'Creating the New You' Course I imagined that I might pick up a little something to help me out of the doldrums.  I never expected to experience the gift I received.

It was the gift of self awareness, self worth and direction.  The direction I need to continue on this amazing path.  I know look at my life and the world around me a little differently and definitely with rose coloured glasses.  My rose coloured glasses are a good thing.  They attract positive thinking into my life and are helping me to find and understand the messages in all that I do and create for myself.

I am enrolling in the course again this year.  I have come a long way, but know I still have a long way to go.  Your guidance and support are immeasurable.  Thank you once again for inspiration, for caring, sharing and making the world a better place for all of us, through us.

Julie Dumbrill
Business Owner
Newcastle Area

To Phil Evans

Thank you Phil, for encouraging me to attend your “Creating the New You” course late last year.  I was reluctant to start the course, as it had not been my best year.  I felt I had lost direction and motivation, and did not feel confident about discussing my life or business with strangers.

Lucky for me, you issued the ultimatum and challenged me to attend, and I did exactly that.  I gained enormously from the course itself, and from the other participants, all of whom became friends by the time we reluctantly came to the end of the course.  The journey we shared over the twelve weeks brought numerous benefits to us all.  The lessons I learned during the course have given me the confidence and direction to expect, and to plan bigger and brighter 'new beginnings' for my business, and for me personally, for now and the future.

The secret is out, I am eternally grateful to you for showing us the way.

Lyn Lucas, Lawyer
Newcastle, Australia

Dear Phil,

I would like to thank you for providing such a refreshing and life changing course over the previous twelve weeks.  You have obviously found the secret to life and are willing to share it.

As a housewife with two year old twins and a husband who works away from home for long periods, I was feeling very low on energy and motivation.  Over the course of twelve weeks I was reminded of the impact my thoughts and choices have on my quality of my life and well being.  I now find myself with more energy on a day to day basis, I have more confidence when dealing with other people and have even managed to attract a casual job that completely fits in with my commitment to raising my children. My strong sense of fear and apprehension about the future has been replaced by a feeling of excitement and I now have the motivation to continue on and look for more new ways to create health & vitality in my life.

Thank you so much!

Susan Meers
Newcastle, Australia

Dear Phil
A friend of mine gave me a link to Bob Proctor's Insight of The Day, which is where I heard your story and dropped you a line.  I have quite a few emails that come through from people that I have subscribed to their newsletters.  I have to say that yours is special and I'll tell you why...
You don't overtly sell anything.  What you put in your newsletters is real practical thoughts that help mankind.

A few days back, I took the time to read through the testimonials of people that you have worked with and this letter to you today, is to say, that your life is really worthwhile.  Whatever you do, you are doing a very important job.  You truly help people and care about people and I think that is wonderful.
Thank you.  You make a real difference in the world and that is fantastic!
It is a beautiful day here in Shepperton, England.  The suns been shining and we have had a cool breeze.  The trees look stunning because we have had so much rain, but that is what makes it a green and pleasant land I suppose.

Therese Simmons
Shepperton, United Kingdom

Creating the New You

I was introduced to Phil Evans through my partner who thought the course may be a help to me, knowing some of the issues I was dealing with. As I scanned the headings of the modules for each week I was amazed that each topic resonated with the issues I was facing in my life at that time, so, despite being under financial duress at the time I thought: “How can I afford NOT to go?”
I called Phil up and was instantly impacted by his genuine warmth and positive energy.

At Phil’s course I’ve discovered a whole new way of doing life. Phil has shown me that there’s more to life than meets the eye and our minds are a powerful tool for shaping the rest of our lives, and influencing the lives of those around us.

Phil’s course challenged old mentalities; and inspired, encouraged and provided me with practical advice for living a fuller life. Phil pours life experience, humour, and a solid understanding of the Law of Attraction into the course content to give students of diverse learning ability adequate avenues for interpretation.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone as I firmly believe in its potential to radically transform your life.

Jimi Purcell

One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself is to engage Phil Evans as my life coach.

I was slightly skeptical about “life coaches” but I had to do something.  When I first made contact with Phil I was stuck in a rut and the slightest thing could set me off into a downhill spiral.  I don’t know how I got to that space, but I guess we all have gremlins in the closet which affect our lives. What concerned me was that I couldn’t find the motivation or energy to do anything about it.  Through our one on one sessions, Phil provided me with the guidance and support to realise what was and wasn’t working in my life.  Phil gave me clarity in my life’s purpose and taught me to love and accept myself rather than beat myself up internally as I persistently did.

Following our one on ones, Phil suggested I might be interested in attending a 12 week group learning course.  This proved to be invaluable to me.  It allowed interaction with like-minded people and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences as well as make new friends.  Phil’s exuberance and passion lit up the room for those two hours each week, no matter how bad your day had been.  The group were from all different walks of life – some chose to be proactive while others listened on - but Phil’s words of encouragement left  an impression on all of us by helping us re-evaluate our lives for the better.

If you want to improve your life but your hesitation is not having enough time in your busy schedule, that’s all the more reason to contact Phil.  If your hesitation is how much will it cost I will tell you it’s worth it.  Don’t waste another moment of your life if what you seek is a true sense  of happiness and contentment on your life’s journey – Phil will help you find it.

Thank you Phil - for everything so far!

Penny Ditchfield
Office Professional

Hello Phil,

I am now going to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, kindness, tolerance, understanding, and especially your valuable support in guiding me through my turmoil over the past twelve months.  This has included giving me the tools to understand my life journey within my family, and be able to forgive and move forward at a more rapid pace to what I had been achieving.

I now feel I have climbed the mountain and am now on the way back down to a far more richer pasture and a new kingdom to explore with complete freedom and a highly valued self worth!  Thank you!

Phil, I wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

I know you are always there if I need you; and thank you for your weekly emails.

Robin Macdonald
Nurse Specialist

I first connected with Phil Evans almost six months ago after reading an article of his on an American Website.  Bob Proctor's website.
I was feeling a little STUCK in my life and although I had made much progress on my own I felt I was on the runway but not quite flying and needed a little guidance.
One of the first things Phil pointed out to me was that I was "already in a good place" and just did not see it that way. This was so true in many ways. I like his PHILosophy that one of the secrets in life is to WANT WHAT YOU HAVE rather than have what you want.
Phil has helped me to change and heal my life from the inside out. I have experienced miraculous transformations in some of my personal relationships. Ones that if you had told me about previously I would never have believed it.
The amount of care and support Phil gives never ceases to amaze me. It has been consistent since the day I started my coaching. He is the only person I've ever met who has been intuitive, caring, intelligent and tolerant enough to help me heal myself more than ever before.
Since the day I met Phil he has always been ten steps ahead of me in knowing how best to help me. He seems to know me better than I know myself. Truly unique in his technique and very genuine. He definitely comes highly recommended and is highly regarded by me.
Yes - when you meet Phil Evans you have a friend for life.
Patricia Poole
Community Support Worker
Anglicare Service Of N.S.W

Hi Phil,

Just a few words that others might find helpful about the positive effect you have on every day people ...  But firstly, thank you so much for helping me adjust my sails whilst I was approaching un-chartered waters!

I have learned so much from you about my thought patterns and how thinking about positive stuff can effect positive change in all of us.  And it has certainly worked for me.

For those reading this note; 12 months to the day, a business I worked in for over 12 years went into receivership.  My income went from hero to zero over night. Yes, we still had the mortgages, the cars, a new baby, and my wife was on maternity leave.

It was so fortunate that I was a client of Phil's before and during this massive period of change …as his help was invaluable.

I went to work elsewhere for about 6 months in a lesser capacity than I previously held and boy oh boy, did I learn so much about myself and what was really important in life.  Was it the nice cars, the nice homes, the great job ???….We’ll I thought it was a large chunk of the big picture at the time.

When did the penny drop for me?  When I looked into the eyes of my 12 month old daughter…and there it was clear as day… It would all be fine…Family and friends first; and the rest will take care of itself.

12 months later… I now have an exciting new position with a market leading company in my chosen field, we are back on track, and expecting our second child later this year.  I have learned that sometimes you need to experience the crappy stuff to appreciate the good stuff and you have helped me see this.

Through that whole experience you where always there to offer positive advice and friendship to help me see through the dark clouds that hovered above at times.

Phil. Your positive attitude to life is a testament to you, and it sure rubs off in tonnes onto those you come into contact with each day.

You talk the talk, but mate ... You well and truly walk the walk…..and it’s so evident that you gain loads of personal satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals and find the right pathways.

It’s a privilege to call you a mate, and again, thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and no…it wasn’t a train after all.

David McCann
McDonald Jones Homes
Home and Land Specialist

I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Evans (I should say Phil has been working with me) over the last year as a result of a recommendation, initially to my wife, Jodie. I have to admit I was a reluctant starter in the beginning because I know there are a few shonks that like to claim they can solve everyone's problems, ask for the money, receive it then do a runner; but I am pleased to say that Phil does not fall into this category.

Jodie, however was keen from the start as our relationship was suffering as a result of a few personal issues, some current, some old, and some that we weren't even aware of. Generally speaking, our general well being was in disrepair. In the end my decision to give Phil a go, was based on the fact that if Phil could make some life changing repairs to Jodie and myself, individually and as a couple, then every cent spent would be well invested.
I am elated to say that the meetings with Phil have always been enjoyable and with positive results, and that most importantly the improvements in my relationship with Jodie as a result of one on one work with Phil have been priceless!
Whether it's for personal issues (let's face it most of us if not all have some underlying issues) that need to be dealt with or just for some positive reinforcement, an encounter on any level with Phil will leave anyone feeling happier and more positive, if not somewhat enlightened.
I believe meeting people like Phil doesn't happen by accident, and that they are in fact blessings in disguise ... guides, helping us to forge a simpler, happier path through the sometimes tangled tapestry of life we seem to unwittingly stick to.
Keep up the good work ol' mate. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm Regards

Andrew Scotton
Newcastle Timber Flooring

I would like to begin by saying I believe that a higher power is always working in getting us closer to the help we need whether we realize it or not. The irony of how I met the person that helped me to change the way I view myself, and the world around me, came from a man that would one day be working with him side by side.

After being for a treatment at soul’s abode one very special day, I ran into Andrew who asked how I was; he in turn handed me a piece of paper with a name and number on it; this belonging to a man that was to become the most precious gift I (and my family) could have been given, Phil Evans is that person.

I felt the connection the minute I heard his voice and the trust the minute he put his arms around me for one of those hugs (if you get one, which everyone does, you’ll know what I mean).

Through Phil I learned to read myself, how my reactions and non-reactions play such a big part in my life, I just didn’t realize it though.  I started to have a better relationship with myself and the ones around me, I learned where it all started and what needed to be finished, I began to like and respect myself.

So when Phil called me this day and invited my husband and I to join Andrew Fenwick and himself for a 12 week program on both their teachings, we jumped at the chance, and I must be honest, my hubby and I both went in thinking that maybe we will get a “little” something from it.  What we got was another level of understanding on who and what we are, every week we walked out of that class a lot more wiser, so much more eager to respect our bodies, our souls and each other.

To have started this course with a group of strangers and finished with a group of friends was also wonderful, they changed before my very eyes, people blossomed, people grew.
I give full respect to them all.

So to conclude, what feels like too short of an acknowledgement to the two people who have played such a huge part in my life, I ask , if you wake in the mornings feeling that something is missing or that you really can’t go another day feeling  that empty , heavy nothingness in your heart and soul, CALL them, MEET them , and fall in love with yourself and life.

THANK YOU PHIL!         

Warmest regards

Jodie Scotton
Newcastle Timber Flooring

Hi Phil
I would like to thank you so very very much for your support since I have started on this fabulous journey that I am on. Your unconditional and non-judgmental love and support has been amazing. The challenges that you've given me at times were mind blowing, and motivated me to action every time.

I must say that without the challenges I possibly would have just let things slide (which is what I have been accustomed to in the past) and not taken any notice of them.  However, these days your voice just wont leave my head, I hear you all the time, like a calm but gentle reminder that I have unfinished work, and can't move on until I DEAL with the ISSUE at hand!

There have been times when I wanted to pick up the phone because I knew that you would in some way guide me toward my answer and after pondering, step back and ask myself "what would Phil say to me?" He wouldn't give me the answer I want, he'll leave me with a challenge and give me something to chew over, sometimes gnawing at the bit, however always coming through knowing that it was going to be all worth it at the end.

You really are very good at this People Stuff; it certainly befits you.

I am well on the way to creating the life that I want, and know without any doubt or limits, that I can and will certainly achieve that very soon.

Have I told you this already (?), thank you, thank you so much from the very bottom of my overflowing heart, which is just so full of gratitude for what you've helped me achieve.
Yours in friendship and gratitude
Sandy Ford
Staff Travel Co-Ordinator
Virgin Blue Airlines
Brisbane - QLD

Phil Evans helped me to see things I was unable to see for myself.

He has nurtured and challenged me.  It's true what he advocates that the trick is  to "Want what you have in life, not have what you want".  I was already in a good place but didn't think I was.
He has helped me improve my relationships, primarily with myself. I now know "Peace begins with me."  He also pointed out my need to nurture myself.
Phil gently pushes you, but is also there to catch you if you fall.
He has the ability to do this in a humorous and loving way!
He stressed the importance of goal setting to me and the need to be very specific about them if I want to achieve them in my lifetime.
Phil makes himself available to you and is a very re-assuring friend.Very genuine with an amazing sense of humour.
What sets him apart for me is his fearlessness and confidence combined with genuine-ness and caring. Also very knowledgeable. He really can 'walk the walk' cause he knows his STUFF!!!
What more can I say. A great human being.  It's true 'the world can only change from within' and I am in a far better 'space' from working with him.
There's only one Phil Evans and I wouldn't hesitate for one second to recommend that if you are struggling in any area of your life, that he's the man to guide you through.

Everyday is a CHOOSEDAY with Phil on your team.
Trish Poole
Southern Highlands NSW

Dear Phil

I just want to thank you for your 'not-so-subtle' way of helping me with a serious problem, that I did not even know I had!

A couple of months ago when we were talking, I mentioned casually, that my kids were making running my business very difficult, as I had to drive my son and daughter to school at different times and pick then up in the afternoons.  This was seriously hampering my day, making it hard to reach financial goals as it basically left 5 hours per day for real work.

You asked me, "how did this make me feel"? I replied, "angry", you asked, "angry at the children"?  I replied , "no angry at myself".  You said "sometimes there is a really simple solution to problems". I was immediately affronted…did you mean someone else care for my children and take my place?  What did you mean? And I thought…I knew my children wanted independence…just a little…I had been ignoring this plea for independence especially from my 10 year daughter, Georgia. She had just changed schools to a school just in our suburb, I knew what was coming, and my heart was now racing…I asked you "what do you mean"? you said "Just let go". I said "what, let them get the bus to and from school on their own"?

I thought I was a good Mummy taking them and being there, and then, for the first time I could see, being angry was not helping them at all; and being controlling was not helping them either. Maybe, just maybe, letting them do something for themselves and letting them feel what it's like to feel trusted, might be a better way to go. After all, I hate it when my clients are slow to trust me and try to control every situation!
HANG ON….what I am teaching my children by behaving like this?

Anyway, this day I was talking to you quite early and my kids were ready for school and impatient to go.  I said "would you like to catch the bus"?  You should have seen my daughter's face, she raced in and got her bag and hat. I walked to the bus stop that first day. It is literally six houses down the street. Georgia was bursting with pride, she jumped on the bus and was gone in seconds.  I walked back…OK…what just happened? Where is my little girl?…( you must know, this from a woman who did not let her own Mother hold her grandchild until she was 6 months old, never asked anyone to babysit, never let my kids go to anyone’s house, they come to our house).

Later, she came home, like this was a normal day, all smiles. Now, I work nearly 1.5hrs extra a day, I save fuel and frustration. But, this was just a start, I started letting them both make small decisions and talked to them about the fact that if they talk to me about the details of arrangements, I will let them go and do things. They are responsible for sharing all the details and responsible for getting home on time. And they ARE responsible!

The best part was, about two days later, my 13 year old son, came into my office and put his arms around me and said "Mum, I really like you like this, I like that you trust me and tell me stuff and I feel better, like I can tell you stuff"
WOW, WOW, WOW!  I just let them get the bus, and what a change in our relationship!

Thanks so much Phil ... this has been priceless!

Karen Goodrich
KG Designs
Sydney NSW

Dear Phil

Re: Your Coaching

First of all, you have my lifelong thanks. I will be forever grateful that I found you Phil Evans!
Professional life coach, facilitator and paradigm shifter.
I am extremely grateful to report that Phil has assisted me to make measurable progress in several key areas in my life and he has skilfully uncovered other thieves of success where I was not consciously aware that I needed help.

Many times, we blindly believe that all our success is innate or natural. The truth is, no matter whatever level of expertise one achieves, everybody needs a coach. Every great sportsperson or professional, researches and adopts the best practices of mentors in order to grow and remain competitive. I sort out Phil because I knew that I needed help to make changes and blast through some self-imposed limitations in my life. I am so happy that I took that action.

Did Phil do it all for me? Oh no, I had to do it myself, but isn’t that how all significant, lasting improvements are made? The truth is, I would not have made several major changes in my business and personal life without his specific counselling and effective coaching. I actually took action on one business idea I had been carrying in my mind for over twenty years, WOW. Phil taught me to have a sense of certainty within and yet embrace and surrender to the uncertainty of life. He encouraged me to live with love and follow my heart. I know that I am worthy to BE, DO and HAVE all that I dream about.

In addition to the one on one coaching, I also participated in Phil’s 12 week “Creating the New You” course with many other people from all walks of life. These lessons were of great benefit to me and I am now practicing a much more healthy regime. The whole course for me was about creating a better life and having more balance in general. I was somewhat astounded to note that everybody in that course made obvious progress in one or more areas in their life.

Normally in a course like this, I would have expected that some people would remain unmoved but that certainly was not the case here. I could actually see, and in some cases measure, the amazing changes in the participants.

This was inspirational stuff and I am so glad that I got to experience something so life changing for so many people. We are all better able to manage our health, relationships, finances and careers now that we have been through this experience.

Phil, I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you my new friend.

Robert E Currie
General Manager
Cromwell Cleaning Services

Hi Phil,

This email will focus on all the positives ....
I want to share my journey so far since the rainbow man (you) has been in my life... even though we met about 3 years ago, the changes I have experienced in my mental state since the 1st of March 2010 have been awesome.  You hit home when you said to come see you instead of going to my GP for anti-depressants, because "this is emotional" and it needs to be healed, so that if someone else similar comes into my life they won't hurt me all over again!

How true, and how proud I am of myself for trusting in you and not going for the drugs!

That day was life changing for me in discovering a major one of mental buttons.... the power tripping authority figures that some people choose to channel when teaching!!  I have been to several other counsellors in the past who have tried to help me tap into childhood memories and discover what some of my "thieves of success" are (as you would call them) and no one managed to do it.  Within 1/2 hour you had me there with your gentle loving way of challenging my words until they made sense to us both and helped me to link to that place of pain so many years ago!!  Your intuition and patience have been clear beacons blinking to me throughout this journey and I cannot express my gratitude to you enough.  Meeting you has been one of the greatest highlights in my life so far, and I look forward to a long & treasured friendship.

I know I still have a long way to go, but you inspire me just by being you!  And I know I have the potential to get to the place I want to be and stay there - my happy place - doing the chicken dance, or skipping away to disco duck - either plan sounds good to me.

In enormous gratitude,

Holly Chapman
Newcastle, Australia

Late last year was the worst time of my life.
Depression, panic attacks, and alcohol dominated my life.
There was no hope, no dreams, no laughter, and no sleep.
In short, I was a dead man walking.

My Aunty, who had been helped by Phil, pleaded with me to give him a call. In fact, Phil called me. Even after our first conversation I started to feel as though there was something there resembling a light at the end of the tunnel.  It wasn't clear to me then, just...something.

The future conversations and meetings changed the whole way I looked at my life. We tend to over-complicate everything. Phil's techniques taught me how simplify my stuff and dominate the 'thieves of success' (as he calls them).

There were times I just wanted to give up and never change. The rivers of shame that were built up over the years were deep. Very deep. But Phil never gave up on me. He'd call and tell me he was going to slap me hard if I kept hurting myself (hahaha), and we'd go to work.

I was once a national ice speed skating champion, and a two time Logie nominee. He had faith that I'd be a champion of my own life once again. And that was when I had no faith in myself.

The changes that have taken place because of Phil's guidance and techniques are almost unbelievable. My panic attacks are gone, I feel good, and I'm going to the gym.
I'm also back on the ice, and I no longer drink ANY alcohol. I'm even enrolled back at Uni to study counselling and coaching.

There's no such thing as a magic wand. I did this. But Phil facilitated this change through working the program and addressing my stuff as it came to the surface.

I've got a good friend and mentor in Phil Evans, and I'd recommend him to anybody who wants to make positive changes in their life.

In gratitude

David Kaff
Future Champion of Life
Western Sydney

I reluctantly commenced with Phil Evans as my Life Coach approximately 6 weeks ago. I say reluctantly because I was a little scared, frightened of dragging up stuff from the past - yet again! and feared having to deal with all that stuff again. While there has been just a little of that, there has in the main been more positive things happening for me.

For the past number of years I have realised I have been struggling with my life, blaming people and situations that have happened to me, feeling guilty, angry, jealous, envious- all sorts of feelings- most of all though dis-empowered!

Since working with Phil, in a very short space of time I have opened my heart, eyes and probably my ears to some extent. He has supported me completely and in this very short space of time I have had many many realisations about myself, situations from the past/present and about others. I know this is one of the moments in my life that is a big turning point, and boy was I ready for it! Phil has assisted me in very positive, supportive ways to look at things another way - and it is really working. My views/ perceptions/ beliefs are changing so extraordinarily and so quickly to a much more productive and loving way. I am regaining lost confidence, turning my health around and am enjoying my life so much more.

The changes are happening so quickly to me that sometimes I surprise myself at the way I respond to certain situations and people I am with.

While I started off reluctantly I now look forward to meeting with Phil each week. Sometimes when I think about what it is that Phil does for things to work so quickly or effectively - I cant really come up with anything that substantial - but whatever it is he does - it certainly is working for me. I am feeling a great deal more empowered, positive and accepting consequences of my decisions/ actions/ interactions. It is through his genuine support/ realness/ strategies - that I am growing.

In short, I am feeling 100% better, and am excited about the future; my priorities are shifting and I am having more fun and am optimistic about the future.

Certainly not where I was prior to starting with Phil.

I am still healing, taking full responsibility for that as well.

Stephen Lack
Senior Trainer and Aged Care Quality Facilitator
Catholic Care Newcastle

Phil Evans is the kind of person who is down to earth, confronting, and who really knows how to give you a good “kick up the bum”.

Personally, as far as life is concerned, I like to stand, and wherever possible, sit very still.

Whilst my preference for stillness can be very relaxing for me and for all of those around me, it is not always in my best interest.

Phil has a lot of directive, motivational energy which was big enough, focused enough, and deep enough to literally blow me off my seat.
Great ride Phil and eternal gratitude.

Sonia Anderson
Lawyer, Consultant and Legal Mediator
Newcastle, Australia

Dear Phil,

Thank you for being my coach. My life has literally never been better, and I know that I keep improving on myself, and keep moving forward it can only continue to get better, I owe all this to your guidance.

To quantify how far I've come, three months ago if someone had said this, Archie, in exactly three months your life will be amazing, you will have just spent the last week with this fantastic person, who you won't have known until the beginning of that week, your friends will suddenly seem amazing, your parents will be more proud of you just for being yourself, your work will be interesting, you'll be working an assault course for your University, you'll then be starting a new magazine, you'll be healthier than ever, the feeling of pure gratitude will be flowing through you every moment, I probably would  not have believed them.

Right now, I am so grateful, so phenomenally happy, I could not have described this before I decided to work with you.

Phil, you have been such a positive influence on my life, that I cannot thank you enough. You are a fantastic person, changing lives for so many people that's causing a ripple effect to places on the other side of the world. Your influence has helped get all I said above done, and as a result, everyone around me is feeling it, all because of you, I have merely been an instrument in this big movement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope that one day I get to meet you in person.

With my sincerest gratitude, my life has never been better!

Archie Cunningham
Alternate and Sustainable Energy
Chichester England

Hi Phil,
I just wanted to tell you that the best advice you have given me so far , which was also the hardest to take, was about letting the kids just live their lives. Even though my daughter is an adult, it has been valuable advice as she is living at home at the moment and it is very hard to watch her wasting her life (in my opinion).
But being able to just let go has helped me to be able to cope with the situation and I think I can give her more support than before because it's her life, and not what I think it should be.

When you first suggested this to me I thought you were mad and couldn't possibly know what you were talking about!  I thought, and I think I said to you " You can't do that, they need to be guided and told what to do"; but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it made sense. I wish I'd had that advice when my kids were younger.
I recently relayed this advice to my sister who is having problems with her adult son, she is a bit caught up emotionally at the moment , but hopefully she will be able to "let go" as well. It's not easy for someone who is used to being in control, but it's actually quite a relief! Now I can concentrate more on living my life and not worry so much about hers.

Thanks Phil

Di Winchcombe
Business Owner
Newcastle, Australia

Hello Phil

I just wanted to email you to say what a great day we had yesterday attending your seminar.  It was a breath of fresh air to listen to a speaker who is open to alternative thoughts!  Your presentation was light, informative, refreshing, and so in tune with where we should all be heading.  I was touched by your personal story telling, and for me it enhanced your presentation in a very authentic way.

I am extremely grateful to you for your 'one on one' with me after your seminar; you showed sensitivity and enlightened intuition; and the affirmation you shared with me I know is going to work!!   This situation has been part of my life for a very long time, and I am feeling better already!  Thanks to you!
I have actually flown for the first time in 28 that was a major breakthrough for me!

I look forward to sharing upcoming achievements with you..
With thanks and kindest regards

Jenny Carr
Business Owner
Echuca Victoria

To anyone interested in creating a new life ....

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimony for Phil Evans, and share with you, who have taken the time to read this.

The day before I met Phil in August 08, I was very depressed and frustrated with my life.  I was in a very dark place to say the least!  Because of my state of mind and emotions back then I thought that the only option for me was to end it all, once and for all.
So, I made an attempt to end my life that day.
I was found about a minute after passing out completely, by a neighbour who I was very angry with at the time.  Fortunately though, my neighbour’s efforts in rescuing me from my suicide efforts, gave me an opportunity to meet Phil.

I had sought much professional help over the preceeding few months, but no-one was getting me anywhere for any more time than the session itself.

They just didn’t understand me and really didn’t show any signs of empathy at all. This is where Phil differs dramatically from anyone I have EVER spoken to before.

Phil, through his own personal hardships and life’s experiences was on my wavelength after only a very short conversation.  His ability to empathise with me was quite refreshing and gave me some hope.  However, I was still very skeptical and didn’t believe that he (or anyone else) could put me in a place where I was contented with myself.

Phil is very compassionate and has a genuine desire to help his clients.  As the weeks went by, my phone calls to Phil in between our weekly sessions became less frequent as I started to practice the techniques and self-help exercises that I had been taught by Phil.  Having said that, when I was ringing Phil 3 times daily, he always had time to speak to me, and a brief 10 minute conversation always put me back on track again.

These days I am 95% of the person that I always wanted to be, and always envied in other people!  And I really feel that I owe my life to Phil Evans!

All of my friends, and particularly my teenage kids have noticed huge positive changes in me!
I would therefore thoroughly recommend contacting Phil Evans if you want to improve the quality of your life.

Overcome your skepticism, like I did, and allow him to help you.

It will be a life-changing step in the right direction for anyone who is in need of creating a new life full of purpose and direction.

Thank you again Phil

Scott Hanna
Bus Driver - Sydney, Australia

What a difference 12 weeks can make when you have a motivator like Phil Evans in your life!  
It is now the end of the course and we are completely different people.  For the first time in years I feel I have control over my life rather than just reacting to body blows.  I am happy.  Such a simple sentence but to be able to say that and mean it is something I thought was beyond my reach.  I am grateful I dragged my husband along that night as the changes I have made have been so dramatic – and to be able to make those changes together and share our journey has been extremely beneficial to us both.   Not only did Phil give us the tools and understanding to change our thinking and open ourselves to the power that is in each of us but he introduced us to a whole new world of endless possibilities.  Quite simply Phil Evans has changed both our lives for the better.

We have also had Phil come into our business once a week in a development/motivational role.  He has also worked his magic there and his energy is inspiring.  Apart from the suggestions and changes he has made, simply having him in the office is uplifting.

If you need help, if you are at the end of your tether, if you want guidance – CONTACT HIM.  I promise you it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.  Do yourself a favour and do the course!

Phil, I will never be able to express our thanks adequately or the gratitude we feel.  You have become a friend and motivator who I trust will always be in our lives.  Thank you.

Lester & Megan Forrester
Desire Homes Pty. Ltd.

Hey Phil:  How are you?
Have been away such a lot recently but I do pick up your emails and I have missed you.  Don’t know if I let you know that after our little set of coaching meetings some time ago, I really started thinking seriously about “No. 1” and not worrying so much about being responsible for other people, then things started to happen.  To cut a long story short, I’m off cruising the mighty oceans with Princess Cruises, entertaining the multitudes.  So financially, I am now in possibly the best position I have been in years.  Just got refinanced and, sure I owe the bank but, the rentals from both places well and truly pay the loans and some of the bills and I still have my little house to come home to and, for my age, a damn good income too!
So thanks to you my friend for giving me the courage and enthusiasm to move on and get on with my life.   As a wise show biz friend once said  “life is not a dress rehearsal – this is it!!”

Lotsa Luv
Toni McLean
Global Entertainer & Comedian

Dear Phil
Here's a Personal Testimony for you to share with anyone who may benefit.

From the age of fourteen I had labels placed upon me by mental health professionals; been medicated; and had regular appointments with psychologists. Counseling might have lifted my spirits for a short time after each session, but there was a constant need to return and go through the process of sitting down (again) and blurting out everything that was going on in my life (still). During those six years I had eight admissions to psychiatric hospitals that tried to band-aid an illness, Bipolar Disorder, that I was told I would never recover from.

When I met you about fifteen months ago Phil, I was emotionally unstable, insecure, and weighed down by numerous things from my past. You immediately dropped the labels that had been placed upon me, and offered me the possibility to take some control of my life, and my emotions, and be free of medications.  Yes ... completely free of medications!

At first, I didn't really believe it was possible, but within three months you did more for me than six years in the Mental Health System.  Much more!  Also, I was no longer just a client with an allocated time each week: .... you made me feel like a real person.  You proved yourself to be not only a life-coach; but also a loyal friend.

You used all the resources available to give me the tools to help me succeed in life. You helped me stand on my own two feet, and now one year on, I no longer have to rely on seeing you in person. My psychiatrist told me I was stable enough to come off the ultra-high dosages of medications I was on for six years. I also want people to know that I still get the occasional, and very welcome, phone call from you checking in to see how I am going.

Thank you Phil for your ongoing care and support.
You have helped me more then you could ever know.

Youth Outreach Worker
Hey Phil,

Over the past few months I have been on a crazy Coaching journey with you.
At times I did not want to be on this journey, at times I was scared and did not think I would make it. It felt like I was on a ladder bridge across a giant gorge, and as I took each step towards the other side the wind would rock the bridge, the wooden planks would break, you know the picture, we see it in those adventure movies. Well that is exactly how it felt.

When we started I had an inner belief that I deserved greatness, wealth and the life of my dreams. It was a belief not based on self belief however, but more on anger, like it was my freakin' time, or that I was due to receive, and due right now!

Yes, I resisted writing your suggested letters to the people who had hurt me all those years ago, to let out the anger and resentment I had felt for so long.   I resisted, even though I felt that my resentful attitude would not produce the right energy flow to bring my desire to me. Thankfully, I eventually submitted to your relentless guidance (flogging), and discovered that I was the block after all. After writing the dreaded letters, everything shifted as the weight and burden of anger left me. Suddenly I felt lighter, free and at peace. From there I got to feel the difference in my inner belief, now it was not a matter of 'deserving' what I wanted, but more that I  was 'worthy' of being a better person and receiving the rewards of my worldly efforts. From an angry 'deserving' to a peaceful and self confident worthiness.

Since that time it seems the blocked flow has turned around and become a flood of my desires pouring into me, like a damm wall has burst. I have had opportunities, money, job offers and so many other miraculous things happen to me over the past few weeks.

So my dearest friend, coach and supporter: for all you have done for me, I thank you from my heart!  For never giving up, even when it would have been very easy to do  (when I was a huge pain in the butt).

Life is so amazing when we get out of the way.

Rod Seip
Social Media Consultant
Brisbane - Australia

The scenario is always the same; just the locations that change.

I'm standing somewhere (parking lot, side of the road, outside my office) tears streaming down my face thinking “How on earth am I going to cope with this!” (“this” being the latest emotionally challenging thing to up and smack me in the face.)  But like the scenario, the answer is always the same. Phone Phil!
His calm, steady voice comes on the line, we discuss the issue, he tells me everything I need to know (but often don’t want to hear) and inside of 5 minutes, the clouds have parted, the tears have stopped, the sun is out and I am back on the highway to happiness.

If you could bottle this man’s wisdom it would be the most precious beverage on earth!

He just KNOWS!

I don’t know how, or why, and I don’t care; but he knows what I need ...

All that matters is that he speaks to me, speaks to my innermost needs and always leaves me feeling loved, cared about and capable of achieving  all those goals for a better, more balanced life that I have set myself.

Whenever he challenges my mindset, or preconceived emotional reactions, or blatant unwillingness to heal my life, I call him a bastard. But then I do also tell him that he is the best bastard in the whole world.

Since engaging Phil as my Life Coach, I am off all medication, I am working full time, I am happy, and I am healing.

To Phil: thank you my guru.
To everyone else: if you want to change the way you have been living your life ...
contact Phil Evans!

Tracy Warren
Owner: Visual Advantage Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Australia

There comes a point of time in your life when absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, seems to be working.  However hard you try or not, it still always simply falls apart, like its some strange twist of fate that everything you touch must turn to dust!!!

This is when I read an inspirational article written by Phil Evans.

I have now come such a long way since then, so honestly if you asked me what the article was about, I don’t think I’d remember.  But it talked about lifting your spirits when you are down and out. It seemed to answer some; and raise some more; questions in my mind.  Obviously it touched a chord and I reached out to Phil to help me bring things back on track.

My situation, in a nutshell, was pretty messed up, to put it nicely.
I was in a broken marriage living separately for over a year then.
I hadn’t had the courage to file for divorce though I knew the relationship was dead for years. It had been my second marriage.

I had moved on with my life; but I wasn't happy with who I was; or how I felt; and this took me a while to realize.  It is at this point when I reached out to Phil.
I had serious issues with self doubt and a complete breakdown of self esteem and confidence. The icing on the cake was when I was diagnosed with serious health issues.

Phil has helped me overcome most of these with his continuous and generous support.
Most of all, he taught me to love myself again, and believe it wasn’t my fault.
I needed a yank from the pit that I had dug for myself, and Phil slowly but surely brought me up, inch by inch.

I am now on a path to recovery on all fronts – emotional, mental and physical.
What amazes me, is that despite the huge distance between us, a stranger, had utmost faith in me, that together, we would not fail!!

He made my problems his own and worked through every doubt and question with love, and belief that things would eventually change in the positive for me.

Our coaching sessions have been the most well invested time in my life, without doubt!

Phil, thank you for not giving up on me; thank you for believing in me when no one else did; thank you for not writing me off!


This isn’t just a testimonial… this is proof that God exists, is watching and will never let you down, if only you believe.
And since God cannot be everywhere, all the time, he has his angels doing his work…
Phil, God bless you and I am ever grateful for the friend I have found in you!

I must remain anonymous for personal reasons ...
but I certainly want the world to know about you and your work!
with gratitude and blessings

Hospitality Executive
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Thank You Phil Evans
Even though you know me well, I want you to really know the depth of the abyss that I stood looking into when you first connected with me and literally saved my life.  On that day when we connected, I had only a very small amount of time left, because I was about to slide into that deep dark hole with the assistance of a bottle of whiskey and a hand full of sleeping tablets.  I had had enough!  There were no answers; just far too many questions!

You had been sent by someone on the other side of the world, who knew that I was in need of something, even though she didn’t quite know what that something was.  So she sent you.   And you responded in a manner which could only be seen as a miracle.

Your ridiculously persistent phone calls (when you didn’t even know that you had the right number) forced me to answer the phone just so I could then have a few minutes of peace before leaving the life which had beaten me.
Even when I took the phone off the hook – you emailed me!

At the time I hated you (whoever you were) for doing that!
For being so damned persistent, and annoying!
Right now I sit with tears running down my face and say the most humble “thank you Phil Evans”.

There is a reason that I write this to you, 5 years down the track .... and that is because of the enormous feeling of pride and humble excitement I am feeling at just being given another nomination in the Australian of the Year Awards.  Yes, another one!  The awards vary in nature, but over the past three years I have been nominated, and have received, a variety of awards for my efforts in working with Injured Workers in South Australia.

These awards should really have two names on them.  If it weren’t for your hand of rescue; for your tenacity to never give up on me; for your never ending commitment to me; guidance of me; and eventual lifting me to a place where I can accept who I am; then none of these injured workers would have received the help and support I have been capable of giving these days!

So, “Thank you Phil Evans” actually comes from a large number of people.

Just a final comment on how you have guided me, for anyone else who may be interested in seeking your assistance through troubled times: You lured me out of the emotional cave in which I had become accustomed to running and hiding; and while I was out experiencing life from a different vantage point, you blew the bloody cave up!  You destroyed it completely!  I had nowhere to run and hide anymore, which forced me to face my fears, and in most cases defeat them.  You mongrel.  You wonderful, and very effective, and so determined mongrel.

I can say that with a joyful smile upon my dial these days.  I am so grateful for your methods of challenging, while still nurturing the people who seek your help.  There isn’t a day go by without me feeling gratitude for you stepping into my life, and your name gets mentioned quite often by me, particularly to people who are struggling to get on track.

Again, I thank you from my well-healed heart Phil, for all of your challenging guidance and nurturing support.

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
Founder - Work Injured Resource Connection
Adelaide - Australia
It has been a while since I have sent you an email and your thoughts today are just what I needed. As usual your words of inspiration hit the right note. Although each of us has a different problem to solve or an obstacle to surmount, your words always carry us onto the next level.

Once again Phil thank you for being MY GUARDIAN ANGEL of inspiration, kind thoughts and teaching me to be a better person each and every day of my life.
You are my reason for success and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Special thanks from Coralie - USA
This is to certify that Mr. Phil Evans is the greatest life coach you can ever spend time with.  What differentiates Mr. Evans from the rest is his positive thoughts, his loyal and everlasting support, and especially his patience to let you learn a different approach to life.  He is a winner who personally encountered many obstacles and overcome them brilliantly to become today one of the finest life coach available anywhere.
You can be confident that he is very effective and efficient in his long distance coaching.  He taught patiently and with the deepest sympathy and empathy that I've rarely met over the internet.
To avoid his long distance coaching is truly a mistake.  To try him can only be an asset of real value for a long time to come.  He's resourceful and can take the worst situation and make it alive again by transform it into something positive and worthwhile.
I strongly and duly recommend the services of Phil Evans for any of your life coaching needs whether it's local or long distance like me from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Sylvain Leduc
Montreal, Canada

Working with Phil Evans.  
Positively contagious, never dangerous, unless of course .... you’re afraid of life!

I met Phil Evans earlier this year. At a time when I was trying to deal with some challenging personal and professional issues.

I was stuck in a self defeating view of the world.

That view is changing, initially through Phil’s influence, and now it’s becoming self sustaining!

Phil has the capacity to understand and respect each person’s situation, at the same time he challenges people to move to a place where they are ‘in their own power’. He shows patience and tolerance but never backs away from encouraging people to move forward to a better space. That is the real secret of his ability to help people - "do good stuff for yourself first, then let the other stuff come to you"!

I attended his Personal Development and Empowerment Course. The range of attendees and their situations was diverse, Phil demonstrated an impressive sensitivity to each person’s situation. He was able to tailor his approach so that each person felt that he was dealing their own situation whilst working in a group environment.

Truly impressive and effective!

Phil teaches people how to use and value the power of other people, but to never lose sight of your own worth and capacity to manage how other people’s stuff affects you – "ignore it, unless it helps you"!

Phil’s ability to work effectively with both individuals and groups is positively unusual.
His work allows people to positively change themselves and sustain the change.

Thanks mate!

Peter Donnan
Psychologist – Sydney NSW
Director – WMPD

Footnote: Peter Donnan graduated with a BSc(Psych) from UNSW. He possesses over 20 years experience as a business manager and Psychologist working with people to achieve improved business performance. He is a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and a Registered Psychologist – NSW. He is accredited in various proprietary methodologies for assessment, coaching and development.

Have you ever watched an Olympic gymnast do her routine on the un-even bars? When the routine is very difficult, you’ll often see her coach, right there beside her in case she needs support. He’s literally got her back. He’s there for her and she knows it.

This level of comfort and unquestioned support is the best way I can describe the support, respect, and love I received from Coach Phil Evans. Through out our coaching relationship, he has been very willing to work with me regarding our 14-hour time difference. He’s used just the right amount of listening and talking, questioning and answering.

There is not one specific thing that I can highlight for you regarding our coaching relationship, its less tangible than that. It’s more like a feeling—a feeling of greater confidence knowing that Phil had faith in me even when I doubted myself. He created an environment where trial and error, risk, and eventually growth could take place without a fear of failure. It’s very comforting to know that someone is there for you and has “got your back” as you perform the twists, turns, and leaps necessary to achieve your goals. If you are motivated to change and willing to accept his wisdom, I whole-heartedly believe that Phil has the ability to get anyone, including you, on the right track.

Best regards and heartfelt thanks to you Phil

Anne Rockwell Blakely, Achievement Coach

Mindset To Achieve | Coaching & Training
Northern Vermont - USA

Who does an Executive Coach go to when they need Coaching?

I chose Phil Evans!

My experience from working with Phil, is that I have now dealt with the stuff I have always avoided, and felt completely safe doing so. This has allowed a huge breakthrough for me, and I have never felt so confident, or 'in my own power'. I have already noticed a recognisable shift in my own coaching ability since I started with Phil.

I found Phil to have an uncanny intuition of the core issues, and the skill to gently guide me to a new and liberating perspective. I have also enjoyed being challenged, and not able to get away with my usual intellectual 'fobbing off' of my main issues.

If you genuinely want to grow and expand, in strong safe hands, I recommend Phil Evans.

Marilyn Powell
PhD, Behavioural Science, University of Newcastle
Executive Trainer and Master NLP Practitioner

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