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I need to develop the habit of introspection and spend time listening carefully to my own thoughts and feelings. -


Although one of the main purposes of this section is about people being able to check out just how effective I am as a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator; I also wish to acknowledge the heroes who make this section (and my life) complete!
To the people who wrote these Testimonials to me, I thank you for choosing me as your guide and coach, and for the courage and determination you displayed to me! And, for the efforts you put into your personal development as I constantly challenged you to fly on your own! To each and every one of you ... well done!

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To anyone seeking Empowerment or Guidance I contacted Phil Evans because i felt i was at a pivotal period in my life and needed a bit of guidance. I was also very curious to try the whole life coaching process for myself. I liked Phil straight away. He is extremely easy to talk to, and has definitely had plenty of life experiences; which was one of the main reasons i engaged the relationship; because he has "been there and done that". While learning many valuable life lessons along the way! What is also obvious is Phil's passion to help people achieve their potential; he truly lov..

Simon Dos Santos
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A "Thank You" note to Phil Evans One year ago I was subject to my own emotions and let them completely dictate how I acted. I was stuck inside my own head and could hardly communicate effectively with anyone; friends, family, didn't matter. I had a lot of anxiety when it came to letting out anything real, and it all bottled up inside of me, and no one would see it until it all inevitably exploded. I had become content with my own mediocrity and had convinced myself of the holiness of my own slow demise both mentally and physically. I used whatever I could to escape from my own interna..

Testimonial - Anonymous
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So close ... so very close ... What is it that you would give, to repay a person who quite literally came from nowhere, to pick you up, and prevent your life from ending? I have had many years to ponder this question, and even now I am not sure that I can answer it. Let me explain .... My life was in tatters, the level of exhaustion and frustration was such that I was unable to think clearly, and all I wanted was to end my life, as I truly felt I could not find any reason to keep going. In an exchange of e-mails with a friend in Canada, I had let it slip that..

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
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Dear Phil – here are my heartfelt thanks for you to share with the world … your world! December has always been a hard month for me related to past traumas. It is also my birth month- a time when I reflect on my life. This past December I turned 60 and my life inventory was not positive. I berated myself for being a failure for not having accomplished as much as I should have at my age. I thought of how “I use to be” this or that but now felt I was a nothing. I lost my sense of purpose. I felt that the only option I had was suicide and began an internet search for..

Karen - New York
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Saving Our Relationship Thank you Phil Evans My partner and I saw Phil for 10 sessions over a 10 week period, helping us through a real rough patch in our relationship – problems that we're hoping we will never have to face again. Although it was a structured program to ensure we were meeting goals and covering essential areas, Phil was very flexible with dates, times and locations for our face to face meetings to fit around our work and family commitments; and he also adopted an approach that suited us. Phil definitely helped us through a very trying time and it was ..

Saving Our Relationship
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