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To give people the experience of happiness and comfort with your vibrations of peace and happiness is true service. -

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    Creating Positive Change

    Creating Positive Change

    Two Part Guided Meditation


    Guided Meditation audio tracks in 2 parts plus an introduction track.
    Files provided in .mp3 format for compatibility with most computers, audio players, and phones.

    Part 1: Disposing of your 'Thieves of Success'. Getting rid of the 'old stuff' that doesn't serve you.
    Part 2: Creating a new life for YOU. Visualising crystal-clear short-term and long-term goals.

    Warning: DO NOT use whilst driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery. Best results gained from using headphones.

    Credits: Music by "Deep" © Imagination Music. Karl Gol: Guitars/Synths. Anthony Hall: Bass/Drums. Audio Production by ModPod.