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PeopleStuff is about inspiring and empowering people...

Our intention is to be a source of positive media to help enlighten and influence as many people and communities as possible... globally!
     Phil Evans

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This site is for anyone wanting to leave their old stuff behind and learn some new life skills.

There are two main ways of achieving that: 1) through life coaching with Phil Evans; or 2) through the help of this site and it's contents and member contributions.

It's about Inspiration, Motivation, Personal Development and Personal Empowerment.

We ALL have 'stuff' going on in our lives - and it's how we deal with our stuff that either makes us - or breaks us.

This site is also very much about learning to believe that each and every one of us CAN make a difference in this world .... if we choose to !!!

Personal development and Personal Empowerment

It's about Personal Development and Empowerment so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Personal Development teaches you how to become more productive in all aspects of your life. Personal Empowerment teaches you to harness the power within you to share with others.

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The founder, Phil Evans - People Stuff, Newcastle Australia

Phil Evans & People Stuff

People Stuff was born around the beginning of 2001 in Newcastle Australia. The founder of People Stuff - Phil Evans - is a man who is very conscious of the need in our current society for the empowerment of people.

Phil Evans is a guy who has gained a Degree from the University of Hard Knocks. These days he thrives on helping others to expose their thieves of success! Phil's Coaching and Mentoring methods are about creating positive change in people's lives, together with balanced wellbeing and feelings of general empowerment!

Phil's major focus for personal development is this ....

"Live in your own power; learn the Art of Being You; and make every day count."

A Little Bit about Phil Evans - the Person

I have come to believe that we are all on our own personal journey, and we are totally responsible for our successes and failures during this journey; despite any misfortune that we may experience along the way! It wasn't until I learned that I had to 'own my own stuff', and stop blaming anyone else for where I was at in life, that I became capable of taking responsibility for who I was, and where I was!

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