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Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. - Dr. Joyce Brothers


Although one of the main purposes of this section is about people being able to check out just how effective I am as a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator; I also wish to acknowledge the heroes who make this section (and my life) complete!
To the people who wrote these Testimonials to me, I thank you for choosing me as your guide and coach, and for the courage and determination you displayed to me! And, for the efforts you put into your personal development as I constantly challenged you to fly on your own! To each and every one of you ... well done!

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DISTANCE COACHING Phil - For you with Thanks!!! Phil Evans doesn't stuff around! He knows his stuff! He gets straight to the cause with a style of care, love, and understanding that is extremely rare. Maybe its just the Australian way? You know... help the person who needs it the most because in the end we all win! That's Phil Evans...and that's what Phil Evans has done for me. I haven't even met the guy, we have a cyberspace relationship, but regardless of space, time or style of interaction, my life has been touched and enhanced by Phil and his guidance and inspira..

Claire Camden
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COACHING/PRODUCTS Dear Phil, Over the years I have spent more money than I care to admit to on doing course's, buying books, tapes and CD's in regard to meditation and personal development. I would always try very hard, but never felt connected with the facilitator. Then in February '06 I found your meditation CD. And at last I was able follow your guidance and meditate. The difference is very simple, you spoke with me, not at me. Your voice reassured me that at all times I was safe. You explained what we were going to do - and how we were going to do it. Th..

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
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KEYNOTE SPEAKING I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU for your presentation this morning! It was very powerful - straight to the point - which will make it memorable for everyone who attended. Kind regards Karen Coulson, B.HSc (N&D), B.A. Dip.Ed Business SWAP - Central Coast..

Karen Coulson
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LIFE AND BUSINESS COACHING Do not go through life without having benefited from what Phil has to share with you! Working with Phil gave me enormous new focus and inspiration to my career! Phil has been inspiring and uplifting, giving me a new sense of purpose - both personally and professionally! Thank you Phil Evans Peter Clark Dental Surgeon Newcastle, Australia..

Peter Clark
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Testimonial for Phil Evans of People Stuff I encourage anyone to participate in one of Phil’s personal development courses. The kind of “stuff” you deal with in these groups is a reality check – a very gentle and positive movement towards the outer regions of your comfort zone. A bit scary, a bit uncomfortable, but always empowering and uplifting. Invest in your “self” – just do it. Julieanne Hensby Consultant, IBCLC..

Julieanne Hensby
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