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And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. - Jerry Chin


Although one of the main purposes of this section is about people being able to check out just how effective I am as a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator; I also wish to acknowledge the heroes who make this section (and my life) complete!
To the people who wrote these Testimonials to me, I thank you for choosing me as your guide and coach, and for the courage and determination you displayed to me! And, for the efforts you put into your personal development as I constantly challenged you to fly on your own! To each and every one of you ... well done!

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To whom it may concern ... "I was experiencing some difficulties in allowing myself to move forward with everything that I wanted in my life and seemed to be self sabotaging certain areas of my life. Working with Phil Evans helped me to realise that there were certain things I had experienced in my younger years that were holding me back from creating the life I had always imagined. Phil was a strong support, and a great Coach and Mentor for me over our journey together. Since working with Phil I have been able to grow my business and improve my relationships. I truly owe a lot to Phil..

Jake Edwards
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To Phil Evans of People Stuff The offer of coaching appeared in my email at a time when doom and gloom surrounded me. After following and reading PeopleMail newsletters for about 3 years it seemed amazing to me that this offer would appear at a time when I didn’t think that I would ever be 'me' again. So I met with Phil and we talked; and now over the course of a few months I feel that there is light surrounding me; and no more doom and gloom. Phil has showed me that ‘I CAN’ through his total unconditional support, belief and love. My journey has been posi..

Larissa Darcy
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To anyone who may be interested in creating positive change .... I’ve been on Phil’s PeopleMail list since 2007. I even have most of the emails he has sent since then. In December 2011 I decided to become one of Phil’s clients. Our start date was delayed by holidays, and then by an operation I had for breast cancer. Even though we had not begun the coaching per se, Phil would ring me up, encouraging me as I recovered. When we started the coaching I did as I have done many times before. I was not prepared. I was not taking responsibility for the coaching. I did not..

Susan Handes
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About six years ago I stumbled upon a newsletter called “PeoplEmail from PeopleStuff” written by Phil Evans. The newsletter arrived in my inbox every so often. I often wondered if I could meet this person; and how great that would be. Each newsletter was full of inspiration, and as I was going through a rough time it helped me to refocus on the things that mattered to me. Always scanning the incoming messages, and when there would be one from Phil, this one I would read first. In November last year Phil offered some coaching and mentoring in one of his weekly em..

Emmi Godau
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I met Phil Evans about 3 months ago when I was at a crossroads about what next to do with my life. I was seeking clarity from someone independent, non-judgemental, supportive, and with no hidden agenda. Thankfully that’s just what I found in Phil, who has an uncanny ability to tap into exactly what’s going on in your head and offer practical solutions. I felt very daunted going into our first session together, and there were plenty of tears and tissues, but I came out of there with a new perspective that kept me smiling for days and I had one of the most productive wee..

Kim M
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