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Although one of the main purposes of this section is about people being able to check out just how effective I am as a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator; I also wish to acknowledge the heroes who make this section (and my life) complete!
To the people who wrote these Testimonials to me, I thank you for choosing me as your guide and coach, and for the courage and determination you displayed to me! And, for the efforts you put into your personal development as I constantly challenged you to fly on your own! To each and every one of you ... well done!

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Phil Evans has been more than just a great lifestyle coach; he has become an awesome friend! I met Phil a few months ago, and he has taught me many things: how to love the man in the mirror (me), how to relax, let go of the past and enjoy life, how to forgive, and how to put my own needs first. He has taught me this as a loving and caring lifestyle coach and mate; not through text books, but through his own experiences in life and his amazing gift of knowledge and intuition. I have grown from a boy (by healing and developing my inner child); to a man; and Phil has been ther..

Colin Crossley
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Hey there Phil Evans ... We are very grateful to you Phil; for teaching us to understand how we both need to be loved! You have helped open communication back into our relationship, and made us both realise why we fell in love in the first place! Thanks for all your help - we will never forget you! Michael and Josie Cramp Mudgee, NSW, Australia..

Michael and Josie Cramp
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Dear Phil, Just a little note to say thank you for all the help you have given me over the last 6 months. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, being a male and so young, I thought I knew everything and that no one could help! However, you definitely proved to me that I had a lot to learn; and I hope I proved to you that I could/did learn a lot from you and your philosophies on life, the universe, and everything in it! The reasons I came to you were to sort myself out and hopefully in turn fix a broken relationship. I feel I achieved both of those goals in different ways and ..

Ben Travis
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Phil Evans is one man that I will never forget – he taught me how to live. Phil's involvement with you never ends at your last session. Often out of the blue I will receive a call checking in to see how I am going – something I haven't received once from any of the three psychologists I have seen over the years. His sessions are far from clinical – he is a man who loves to work with people and has the purest intentions to see them succeed in life. I remember disagreeing with Phil on our first session together – when he proposed the idea that I could be medi..

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Phil Evans is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. He challenged me to set career goals that were at the cutting edge of my competence and has helped me enormously to have the courage to try to achieve my career goals, and supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve those. I am now in my dream job. While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Phil has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals, he is also able to break down the steps nee..

Peter Henderson
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