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You will be amazed what comes from your heart when you make a little effort with your head. -

About Us

  • Dedication of this Site ....

    This site is for the 'good of all' and is dedicated to the influence that one very good man had on my life - my Father - Thomas Frederick Monroe Evans - better known as Fred. He was more than just a Father - he was a real Dad !! He passed away in 2003 and is missed by all who knew him. "Thank you Fred Evans for being who you were."

    Phil Evans & People Stuff

    People Stuff was born around the beginning of 2001 in Newcastle Australia. The founder of People Stuff - Phil Evans - is a man who is very conscious of the need in our current society for the empowerment of people.

    People have been disempowered through the handing down of negative belief systems and fears over the past few generations. This is a global situation - not just confined to small societies - or minority groups.

    Through his own personal life experiences in dealing with emotional immaturity, depression, alcoholism, violence, and a variety of overwhelming fears - Phil has a passion to teach as many people globally as he possibly can - and now has the ideal medium to do so .... the internet.

    Courses and Workshops

    Phil conducts Personal Development and Personal Empowerment courses that usually run for 8-12 weeks, and these are currently run in Newcastle only - but he has a dream to spread these worldwide within two years. The courses are known as Creating the New You! (Learn the Art of Being You!).

    Half-day, 1-day and 2-day workshops for people who are already on the path of self development, but would like to hone their skills and deepen their understanding, are proposed for the near future .... more information by going to 'Courses' button.

    He also runs Staff Development and Team Building Workshops aimed at improving relationships through greater understanding in work groups, and the promoting of fun in the workplace.

    One of the primary methods that Phil uses, is to get people in touch with the sub-conscious feelings behind our fears and belief systems, which then allows us to deal with them properly. It is his belief that defining the culprit is around 90% of us having the ability to overcome it. We must be persistent, patient, and deliberate in our efforts to overcome anything that is controlling our lives, or having a negative effect on our day-to-day levels of peace of mind.

    Facing our Fears

    We must challenge our fears and doubts head-on - if we are to have success in overcoming their negative influence on our lives.

    This website is about one person making a positive difference .... which will in turn, teach others to do the same !!

  • The founder, Phil Evans - People Stuff, Newcastle Australia

    My philosophy is this:

    If we can own it - we can change it!

    (regardless of what 'it' actually is)

    I had some radical new things to think about as I began having these realisations: Did I have the stuff that true leaders are made of? Could all of this self-realisation, and my simple desire to teach by example, help me to become an even more effective leader?

    All the bumps and pitfalls had taught me something or other as I was experiencing them. All valuable lessons about life! At the age of 45 I started to find my true passion .... I was meant to be a teacher; a mentor; a leader.

    Hmmmm, what do I do with all of these visionary aha-moments?

    One of the first things I realised was that I had NEVER been myself! No, I had never just been me! I was living some kind of fantasy life that was empty and shallow, because I was doing everything for everybody else. My own realisations have led me to being capable of playing a positive influencial role in the lives of many people since around 1995. I had still never been me! And to this point - no idea why.

    Yes, because I had walked the path of confusion and anger for many years, I could now take my experiences with Alcoholism, Long-term Depression, and living on the edge of emotional suicide every day: and do something positive with them!

    Sure, business and career successes had been there throughout this life of confusion, but the inner personal feelings of being of absolutely no value at all, were overwhelming!

    I started studying and working with sub-conscious belief systems and their patterns, and the 'gift' of understanding them is now the core of what Phil Evans and my business, People Stuff, is all about.

    In business and in personal affairs, we are so capable of sabotaging our own success, if we have any of these negative 'thieves of success' running rampant in our lives! They are our greatest enemies, and all too often we don't even know they're there, let alone have the ability to identify them. Identifying them is the key to unlocking the door to consistent (and sustainable) success!

    I have learned to drive my own bus, and to stop sitting in the back seat of someone else's bus that was so out of control. It took time and courage to move from the back seat of someone else's bus and to gradually have my focus on being in the driver's seat myself. Eventually, we ALL have the ability to claim the driver's seat as our own! And we also have the ability to choose who rides on our bus with us. Who joins us on our journey now becomes a choice, and not an obligation dependent on someone else's opinions any more. Who gets to stay on our bus is also now a choice.

    This is self empowerment! It is part of The Art of Being YOU!

    Whether in business, or in our personal journeys, if we are not being true to ourselves, then we are totally lost!

    People Stuff helps people to learn to drive their own bus; to then find a road map that suits their passion; and to follow it. It's about picking a destination and heading in that direction without being focused on the destination only, but on the journey that takes us there! Whether we get there or not, is almost irrelevant, because we have now learned to enjoy each day as we put our passion and daily purpose into action.

    I believe that the success of all of my recent personal and business activities in working with people who ached for the feeling of 'being in their own power', has been due to embracing this concept, and sharing it with as many people as possible. No, it's not about being arrogant, it's about being confident at being yourself! This is one critical aspect of this principle, and can be best described like this ....

    "Being in your own power is the ability to just be yourself, without fear of criticism, with confidence rather than arrogance."

    True leadership is about leading by virtue of 'who we are'; rather than by demanding that people simply follow our directions. In other words; earn the respect - don't demand it!

    And now it all makes sense!

    On the 13th of January 2008, at the age of 57, I then discovered that I had been adopted at birth! I have confronted some pretty big things in life so far, but this was huge!

    On that morning of the 13th, I followed an overwhelming intuitive feeling, and phoned my now 89 year old Mother with the big question, "Was I adopted Mum"? "I have no anger or ill feelings attached to the answer Mum, I just need to know!" I'll never forget her answer as long as I live; "Darling, if I were there looking you in the eye, I would have to say YES!"

    In that moment, that single moment, every crazy, insane, irrational, fearful, angry, and self-sabotaging experience in my entire life flashed past; in the blink of an eye it all made some sort of sense! For the first time in my life, I felt as if there was actually an almost logical reason for the way I had felt every day of my life.

    The fears; the anxiety; the loneliness; and the seemingly endless patterns of self doubt, would perhaps slowly go away now, and allow me to feel some inner peace and feelings of wellbeing and sustainable confidence .... I hope. If courage, determination, patience and persistence have anything to do with it, then I've got a chance to achieve some emotional freedom now: for the first time in my life!

    I do believe that I have earned my degree from the University of Hard Knocks for a very good reason, even though it was hard to understand that process while it was happening. Yes, it's not always easy to be peaceful and understanding when we're learning through adversity; but hindsight is a wonderful thing and the ability to look back and acknowledge the lessons that were being delivered at the time, is indeed a gift!

    It's the 24th of October 2008 now, and it has taken this long for me to find my Birth Mother and family. I was born in Sydney in 1950, and have lived all over Australia since I was 19. I have just found (and met) my Birth Family and they all live within a couple of minutes from where I now live in Swansea NSW. Wow! What a journey it's been! The healing and personal freedom that I now feel is beyond description! Every cell in my body is sighing with relief; my time has come to feel real freedom! Look out world: here I come!

    Street-Smart people certainly have a position in our leadership parade; without them we cannot learn the reality of life that just can't be found in books; it has to be lived!

    My Role as a Personal Development Coach and Business Mentor

    I have identified that one of the most critical issues within all Personal and Business Development processes is the ability of the people involved to overcome their own limiting beliefs or fears.

    Through the process of learning to deal with my own life's experiences, I have been fortunate enough to develop quite a unique method of helping people discover what fears or beliefs are holding them back from achieving their true potential in life. This method applies to both personal and business aspects of our lives, and is an extremely powerful way of challenging these 'thieves of success'. People regain control of their lives, and in particular their ability to achieve their goals; without hindrance or limitations. Exposing the thieves of success is a critically important phase in this life-changing process, because once exposed they lose their power over us.

    Defining goals with absolute clarity is another critical phase of this process. It is through the unique method of work-shopping specific questions around this clarity, that I have become capable of achieving so much success with my clients and course participants.

    Key-Note addresses, and methodology in delivering Workshops, or 'Learn The Art of Being You' Programs, are meant to be both inspirational and motivational. I have developed the ability to get to the core of people’s fears and belief systems, and this certainly helps me to teach people how to create major 'shifts' in their lives, and in their businesses.

    Over the last 12 years I have also worked extensively on developing and delivering specific programs for the long-term unemployed people in and around Newcastle, Australia. These not-so-fortunate people within our communities have usually suffered from the effects of low self esteem over long periods. In most cases, they have developed fears and belief systems from childhood that restrict their ability to be achievers, no matter how hard they try.

    With non-judgemental treatment of these potential stars; the promoting of respect and trust within the groups; and my own ability to really identify and connect with these people, major break-throughs are common.

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